Cryptocurrency is a topic that can quickly make gamers uneasy as it comes with many recent controversies. The core concept however is one that many young gaming professionals all share: to earn a living wage while gaming. Through crypto-gaming players of all ages are able to finally indulge in this emerging market allowing more players than ever before to fulfill their fantasy of earning real monetary income while playing their favorite gaming genres. Most importantly however, is that the multiplayer titles among them are fairly and securely dealt with so the playing field is even between all participants.

Unlike many other articles throughout this series of blog posts, crypto-gaming servers are run exclusively as dedicated servers hosted directly by the developers of the game, but these servers can also be delegated to decentralized and safe networks of servers such as OVHcloud who can guarantee secure, reliable, and DDOS-protected servers for players worldwide. Crypto-gaming in general however is not something to be feared as it opens strong entrepreneurial opportunities for young gamers around the world, requiring only a reliable server hosting infrastructure.

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What is Crypto Gaming (Blockchain Gaming)?

Crypto Gaming is a format of video games in which items within the game are obtainable by players, and tradable with real-world value. These items are also routinely called NFTs and these games are created with the concept that players would be able to obtain both real world wealth through playing them, as well as "trade" their way to the top, similar to a stock exchange or bartering system. This format of gaming has becoming recently popular alongside the massively increased rise in popularity of both cryptocurrency as well as monetary benefits while gaming.

With this concept of valuable in-game assets being the primary purpose of these titles, stable multiplayer connections and reliable networks are number one priority for any developer creating a crypto-game. One of the many reasons that players have been so hesitant to join Deadrop, the NFT title backed by the infamous streamer "Dr. Disrespect" is due to it's online multiplayer which can be easily manipulated in the modern era. With so much in-game valuable assets on the line potentially during play, players are extremely valid in fearing of network manipulation during gameplay.

Worries and Solutions to Blockchain Gaming

Intermixing real-life cash with in-game items has been in gaming for years, with players (and streamers) spending hundreds of dollars opening and trading CSGO skins. These skins has been traded for hundreds- sometimes thousands of dollars, and CSGO is not the only game this is limited to. Runescape is another example where (despite the fact it's against the game's rules) players regularly exchange in-game items for real life currencies. The reason it's against the game's rules however is smart, and it all comes down to a truly unsafe atmosphere to the trade.

NFTs and Cryptocurrency gaming looks to change all that, by decentralizing all of the currency involved, and by allowing full-ownership of the in-game item by a player, as long as it remains within the game's bounds. This sounds scary as well, but most players wouldn't want to remove the item from the game anyway, so it's the best way for them to continue to interact with their in-game tangible object! Despite this decentralization however, due to current server structures at Valve, and many other NFT game development studios- if a fire broke out and the multiplayer servers were destroyed... all player property data would also be lost.

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Reliable Multiplayer Hardware for Blockchain Gaming

Game developers are fairly worried about the implications of choosing to develop an NFT based game, with both public backlash and potential financial hits they may take as a developer if multiplayer players manipulate the game unfairly. Worries most generally come due to players being able to DDOS internet connections, use "lag switches", hacking, and many other extremely harmful versions of internet harassment to get an unfair advantage within the game, which may then result in a financial payout due to it's NFT nature.

We've talked extensively about the impact of DDOS on the gaming sphere in our previous blog article in this series but the primary gist of that article relevant here is that: DDOS attacks are on the rise as more and more gamers flock to multiplayer gaming. Players looking for that unfair advantage have more routinely turned to network attacks as their chosen avenue rather than many of the other cheating tactics online gamers used to employ. Network reliability is at an all-time high, meaning a reliable server host like OVHcloud is nearly required for any Blockchain game developer, with guaranteed DDOS protection being a necessity.

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The need for 100% uptime in Blockchain

In modern gaming not only are there a multitude of ways for players to earn in-game items, but players from around the globe will want to interact as part of the online community. Time zones will be out of synch, regular play hours will be sporadic, and players can come and go as they please, but what is most important is that the continuous player base never completely stops, because Blockchain gaming requires a constant state of it's in-game resources.  This functionality is where multiplayer servers require 100% uptime.

For professional multiplayer server providers, 24/7/365 server uptime generally isn't a problem, but for entrepreneurs looking to host themselves, or even game developers who choose personal dedicated server hosting, or another form of network connection for their games- 100% server uptime is nearly IMPOSSIBLE for players to achieve without dedicated hosting companies such as OVHcloud and Shockbyte. With how important the online functionality is for multiplayer blockchain gaming, server hosting becomes the only viable option for cryto-gaming developers, so choose a strong server hosting provider in development!

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