The Front is a brand new server-based survival game by Samar Studio Games following much of the modern era's trend towards Rust, Ark, and Conan Exiles adjacent gameplay. This cutting edge title however features an absolute TON of unique weapons to both craft yourself or find while exploring and an entirely customizable "Talents Tree" that will separate each individual player from one another in individually impactful ways. Whether you've never heard of The Front before or you're just getting into it, we'll be covering everything you need to know about it's in-depth systems being added to the survival multiplayer genre!

We also spoke about it in our previous blog post on "What is The Front?", but the game sets itself apart from others in it's genre by allowing players to either explore OR build fortifications to gather their strength and grow their loot. As players grow their item collection they'll obtain items known as "Talent Books" as well as higher level weapons that will scale in complexity based on the era in which their level resides. Originally players will find Flintlock pistols and work their way through levels up to MK18s and RPGs. Talent books will unlock skills along the way too.

The Front Weapons

The Front Weapons

Well, what other weapons can I expect in The Front? The Front has a wide plethora of weapons: everything from melee blades to explosive throwables, and guns for every kind of FPS enjoyer. The game features at least one of every item that a regular Rust player can expect, featuring your regularly scheduled resource gathering tools of: The Chainsaw, the Pickaxe, the Iron Knife, and many varied versions of these tools. You can also expect everything you'd need to raid a player's base, both in form of hardcore explosives such as the RPG or the "Remote Bomb" and soft destruction such as the Jackhammer and Molotov Cocktails.

In terms of weapons you'll be using on a moment to moment basis, players will likely start every new run by crafting themselves the very familiar "Composite Bow" and soon upgrading to handguns as quickly as possible. Once through the handgun phase of small manual shooters scaling up to revolvers, players will find a plethora of shotguns: the familiar "double-barrel", a USAS equivalent, and everyone's pump-action favorite. From here weapons become much more modern, with a mixture of automatic rifles and machine guns as well as deadly sniper rifles mixed throughout. Last but not least are the LMGs and of course, rocket launchers.

snyplays has created an absolutely fantastic video showing off each weapon visually here!

The Front Talents

The Front Talents are one of the biggest draws that set the game apart from many others in it's genre of multiplayer server-based survival. While Ark: Survival Evolved also features a similar skill-tree distribution, it's options are not nearly as open-ended as The Front leading to far more character customization and replayability. In PVP servers players who are slain may also not lose their levels upon death making restarting their run far less punishing as players will retain their character's experience and Talents in the process.

In The Front, there are technically 5 unique talent trees that players may distribute their Talent Points into when they read a talent book after it is dropped by a hostile enemy; PHY (physical), Survival, Efficiency, Combat, and the Vehicle trees. Each of these trees effects a unique portion of gameplay, but early on the most important tree to invest in is Survival and PHY. Survival determines how quickly players are able to establish themselves with beginner resources and allows players to get their footing under them in each new run extremely quickly.

The Front Talents
Players can opt for putting points in the Combat tree once they are fully self-sufficient and confident.

How to get Talent Books in The Front

In The Front, Talent Books are primarily found by either looting areas of interest, crates, chests, or the remains of slain enemies. Talent books themselves can be claimed by any player in order to obtain a Talent Point and are of utmost importance to any player who wants to upgrade their character throughout the course of the game. As with the rest of the loot in the game, high level areas and enemies will always provide better (or more) loot, which also applies to Talent Books. While you are out exploring and raiding monuments for Talent Books however, do beware of other players who might be hunting for the same...or hunting for YOU!

While any monument and enemy is likely to drop a Talent Book or two, one of the absolute best places to repeatedly obtain Talent Books is from an underground cave system found near the bottom of C5. Towards the bottom of the quadrant is a small entrance to a cave which leads down into a Witch hole, full of extremely dangerous, MAX LEVEL witches, that will teleport towards you, deal massive damage, and go invisible repeatedly. While these are extremely difficult enemies to fell normally, take advantage of the scenery and players can avoid their attacks altogether with ranged weaponry. This tactic is easily 500+ talent books per 20 minutes as a solo-player and even more with a group.

Youtuber Spicy BeanDip shows off this strategy well in his The Front Talent Book farming guide.

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