It’s that time of year again where we sit down, grab some popcorn and gear up for all things Minecraft! We’re super excited to get down to the nitty gritty and discuss what you can expect from Minecraft Live 2023, from what mob’s going to win to what updates we’re looking forward to seeing!

Mob Vote

Penguin is definitely the best choice here, by far. Why? It’s a penguin. Either way, this year you can expect the newest mob coming to Minecraft to be revealed and for the community votes to be tallied up. It’s important to remember that Mojang have stated that mobs that lose aren’t going to be completely forgotten, but added to the back-burner for a time where it makes sense to add them.

The three Minecraft Mob Vote choices, Crab, Penguin and Armadillo

New electricity and auto-crafting?

Satisfactory fans rejoice! A credible Minecraft leaker has suggested that the coming Minecraft Live will reveal some sort of auto-crafting mechanism with hoppers and electricity. This would be an absolute game-changer, as it’ll allow players to automate crafting for building items, redstone and more. That way, even when you’re off adventuring, your base can still be productive! (overnight AFK crafting session, anybody?)

Alleged leaker using emojis to showcase potential content coming to Minecraft in Minecraft Live 2023

New Minecraft Legends Content

Minecraft Legends was released with renowned success earlier this year. Fans loved the strategy approach to our favorite blocky game, so who knows what else they’ll reveal for the game moving forward? We might even see some new DLC, if last year’s Minecraft Dungeons content in Minecraft Live is anything to go by.

The title card of Minecraft Legends

The Update Title

This is the big one. We’re super excited for the future of Minecraft, so we’re anticipating that the newest big update title will be revealed to us on October 15, 2023. Not everything as part of the update will likely be revealed, but we can expect some completed content and maybe even a snapshot (or two) to be released in the days following the event!

Minecraft: Trails & Tales Update Title

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