During Minecraft Live 2023 we heard only a handful of new updates coming to Minecraft but that miniscule nugget of information contained the potential to change the landscape of Minecraft survival servers forever. Veterans of Minecraft may remember the Minecraft Live of 2022 last October covering Minecraft's 1.20 release which we covered in a blog post here. While last year covered a ton of smaller additions to the game over the course of it's lengthy Minecraft LIVE, the changes were more cosmetic than anything and rather small in gameplay.

In fact, some of the biggest additions of the Minecraft 1.20 update were only released AFTER the Minecraft LIVE of October 2022, with changes to Netherite armor upgrades, armor trimming, and Redstone changes such as the addition of Calibrated Skulk sensors being a few. This time however has taken everyone by surprise with not only the winner of the Mob Vote surprising the community, but the additions alongside it being monumentous additions to Minecraft's core gameplay. Watch out world, the Armadillo is coming through!

Minecraft Mob Vote 2023

Minecraft Mob Vote 2023 Winner

The Minecraft Mob vote was extremely close in retrospect as many players of the community were near certain Crab would be the favored mob due to it's implications in survival Minecraft and it's early reception of the community after leaks and early Twitter posts. in response to the Minecraft Mob Vote first reveal of the crab, OperaGX questioned their community on which mob would win, given that leaks were true about the true mob vote candidates. In this vote, Crabs won by a landslide and many in the community thought this popularity would continue.

As it ended up turning out, the leaks were untrue and the "Seagull"/"Jellyfish" were not part of the Minecraft Mob Vote. Instead, two new candidates took the spotlight, the Penguin and the Armadillo which helped players in boats and could be used to create wolf armor respectively. As it turns out, the prospect of protecting Man's Best Friend resonated EXTREMELY well with the Minecraft community, dominating the Mob Vote of 2023 with a resounding 42% of the vote.

Minecraft Mob Vote Riots

Throughout the course of the entire Minecraft mob vote, a single message stood out more popular than the rest as players cried out for Mojang to add every mob to the game rather than just a single out of the options. "STOP THE MOB VOTE!" Players across much of Minecraft social media have taken a disliking to the regular format of Minecraft LIVE, forcing players to choose only a single of the 3 available mobs rather than allowing entrance of all 3 of them into the game.

While players have asked Mojang to add past mobs into the game for a long time, mod creators have been hard at work with some even going so far as to add the Minecraft LIVE 2023 Mob Vote mobs all into one mod before the Mob vote even happened! While Mojang has teased old Minecraft mob vote candidates during events in the past and during Minecraft LIVE 2023, they have never added mobs that were unfortunately defeated in the past of mob votes.

Minecraft Mob Vote Penguin Loss

Minecraft Live 2023 Content - Redstone Crafter

While there wasn't a whole lot of visual or decorative content shown in Minecraft LIVE 2023, there was something that is going to change the landscape of Minecraft forever. Finally, an official automated crafting system using the "Redstone Crafter". The Redstone Crafter is able to have toggled positions in order to allow specific items to be crafted when it's input is placed into the correct slots, which can then be hooked up automatically with hoppers and Redstone circuitry. Late-game survival Redstone warehouses just got a whole lot more complicated.

As you can see in this clip of the Minecraft LIVE, incredibly complex (or simple) combinations can be created to formulate everything from simple iron suits of armor, to new sets of tools, books, and much more. With how automated farming Livestock and Plants has already become with the help of Redstone, the brand new Redstone Crafter can take that one step further by creating items FOR the player so the player can simply reap the rewards of their ingenuity.

Minecraft LIVE 2023 Content - Trial Chambers

The Trial Chambers are one of Minecraft's most interactive unique new PVE elements being added that was shown in Minecraft Live 2023. These are unique structures that are found throughout the world containing brand new decorative blocks such as metal grates, Copper Bulbs, and structural designs that are completely new to Minecraft. Beside their entirely new aesthetics, these new monuments will be bringing a series of repeatable rewarding combat challenges that players can face to gain rewards, all scaling on the number of players.

This is really Minecraft's first scaling activity which is incredibly interesting for gameplay as it allows both singleplayer gamers and Minecraft multiplayer servers to enjoy the Trial Chambers in entirely unique ways. This will also be one of Minecraft's first repeatable combat encounters which will provide players with tons of rewards and incentives to keep returning to the Trial Chambers. If you're a fan of combat in Minecraft and especially fighting mobs, this is HUGE news.

Trial Chamber Trial Spawner
Inside the Trial Chambers are Trial Spawners that allow players to begin each combat encounter.

Minecraft Live - Short Video, Long Playthroughs

While the Minecraft Live of 2022 was exciting due to it's addition of the Camel and aesthetically pleasing hanging signs, chiseled bookshelves, and otherwise; Minecraft Live of 2022 didn't extend the length of player playthroughs a meaningful amount. It wasn't until the full release of the Minecraft 1.20 update that a lot of major changes were added such as Armor trims that gave players a meaningful reason to explore the Minecraft world in search of every trim.

The Minecraft Live of 2023 takes a whole another approach to increasing player's playtime by allowing players to stay at home even more than before. Optimizing your player-created home is one of the most fun parts of Minecraft and with the Redstone changes that the Crafter is bringing, players will easily be adding dozens of hours to their usual home creation each and every playthrough. On top of this, the combat lovers of Minecraft won't even want a home as they'll be married to the incredibly enticing new monument of the Trial Chambers, making it worthwhile to keep coming back time and time again. This next update is changing Minecraft forever.

Minecraft Frozen Planet

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