When you catch a Pal in Palworld, you'll notice that some of them have tags like "Conceited", "Hard Skin", "Hooligan" and more! While these may seem like just quirky personality traits, they actually have a great effect on your Pals and your character.

Here is a list of all the Passive Skills in Palworld, and which ones we recommend for working Pals.

Working Pals Palword Passives

Work Speed Passive Skills

Work Speed affects how fast your Pals do tasks, from Kindling to Farming, all types of Work are affected by this. For Pals in your base, here are the Passive Skills to look for, and those to avoid.

Positive Work Speed Passive Skills

  1. Artisan - Work Speed +50%
  2. Work Slave - Work Speed +30%, Attack -30%
  3. Serious - Work Speed +20%
  4. Lucky - Work Speed +15%, Attack +15%
  5. Conceited - 10% increase to Work Speed, 20% decrease to Defense

Negative Work Speed Passive Skills

  1. Musclehead - Work Speed -50%, Attack +30%
  2. Slacker - Work Speed -30%
  3. Hooligan - Work Speed -10%, Attack +15%
  4. Clumsy - Work Speed -10%
Palworld Pal Work

Sanity Drain Passive Skills

Sanity (or SAN) is drained whenever your Pal gets stressed (either from work, lack of sleep, lack of food, or whatever reason). When Pals have low Sanity, they'll be less likely to work and are more prone to developing diseases and injuries. For Pals in your Base, you want traits that decrease Sanity Drain rates.

Positive Sanity Passive Skills

  1. Workaholic - Sanity Drain -15%
  2. Positive Thinker - Sanity Drain -10%

Negative Sanity Passive Skills

  1. Destructive - Sanity Drain +15%
  2. Unstable - Sanity Drain +10%
Palworld Work Speed

Hunger Drain Passive Skills

While you'll probably have no issues with food security if you set up your base correctly, having Passive Skills that reduce Hunger needs will still be helpful because it reduces the amount of times your Pal has to eat, which overall increases productivity.

Positive Hunger Passive Skills

  1. Diet Lover - Decrease in Hunger is less likely by +15%
  2. Dainty Eater - Satiety Drain -10%

Negative Hunger Passive Skills

  1. Bottomless Stomach - Satiety Drain +15%
  2. Glutton - Satiety Drain +10%
Palworld Pal Working

Player Work Buff Passive Skills

Some Pal Passive Skills don't give the Pal a buff, but instead give their owner a buff when Pals with those Passive Skills are in the team.

Positive Player Work Buff Passive Skills

  1. Logging Foreman - Player Logging Efficiency +25%
  2. Mine Foreman - Player Mining Efficiency +25%
  3. Motivational Leader - Player Movement Speed +25%


When you get a new Pal, you should always take note of what Passive Skills they have. They may not seem important, but they can have huge effects on your Pals' productivity, depending on which Passive Skills they have.

If you want to see a list of Passive Skills you should remember for Pals you want to bring with you for adventures and combat, check out this guide!

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