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Palworld is a global phenomenon, having released on 19/01/2024 and selling over 2 million copies by 20/01/2024. One of the many things about the Pokémon-inspired survival game that fans are raving about are dedicated servers. A dedicated server allows users to host their official world, whether on their own machine or through a service provider like Shockbyte. One of the many questions that are arising is 'How do I host a Palworld Dedicated Server?' – don't worry, we're here to answer that question!

A player's factory base in Palworld

Use a game server host

This is an easy one. You can use a game server host like Shockbyte to purchase and set up a a server for yourself, without needing to port forward or use your own machine to host. This is the best option because it simply means you can purchase your server, press 'play' on the server dashboard and connect in-game, and it's as easy as that!

There are also many benefits to using a Palworld Dedicated Server host, such as 24/7 uptime and support, refund guarantees and greater customisation. If you are interested in purchasing a server to play Palworld with your friends, you can set it up in one click and get started in minutes with Shockbyte. It really is a no-brainer!

Use your own machine

You can use your own computer to host a Palworld Dedicated Server, but this is likely to come with many issues. Servers require extensive resources to run, which will make playing and hosting at the same time difficult, especially if you have a lower-end computer or laptop. However, it can be a good option if you can't afford to use a host like Shockbyte. We've attached a step-by-step on how to set up Palworld server by yourself below.

  1. Open up your steam client.
  2. Head over to your Steam Library, and ensure 'Tools' is in your Library search filter.
  3. Then, type 'Palworld' and select the 'Palworld Dedicated Server' option.
  4. Install and launch the server software.
  5. To launch a public community server, hit the 'Open and start as a community server' button. If not, select 'Play Palworld Dedicated Server' and hit play.
  6. When that happens, your server console should launch. This console cannot be closed, otherwise your server will shut down.
Palworld Factory Using your Own Machine Dedicated Server

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About Shockbyte

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