One of the first things you should do in Palworld is building a base. This will let you start automating resource collection, and will provide you a convenient spot to place your crafting areas and a place for you to sleep.

This guide will walk you through all the basics you need to build a fully self-sufficient base in Palworld.

Building Your Palbox

Your Palbox will be the center of your base, and that's where you can manage your Pals and decide who's going to work. It also counts as a fast travel point so you can easily travel to and from your Palbox.

When building your Palbox, be mindful of the surrounding area. It's good to build on flat wide areas so you won't have to worry about the terrain when you start building other structures.

Another thing you can consider is the resources available. Many people opt to build bases in areas with important resources like Copper Ore or Paldium Ores, but you can worry about that later because you will be able to unlock a second base after setting up your first.

Building a House and Bed

Yes, this counts as a valid house.

Most Pals don't work at night, and it's also really hard to explore when it's too dark. Thankfully you can skip the night by sleeping on a Bed. For Beds to be valid, they need to be on top of Floor, with at least one Wall and a Ceiling above it. If you're really struggling with resources, you can just build a house similar to the picture above so you can skip the night.

Pal Necessities

Your Pals at the base will need two things: beds and food.  The first Pal bed you can craft is the Straw Pal Bed, and that should be enough until you unlock the higher tiers. For food, you need to build a Feed Box. Any food harvested in your base will be put into the Feed Box, and your Pals can easily eat from it whenever they feel hungry.

While you can manually harvest Berries or other food, you should build a Berry Plantation in your base as well so your base can start producing its own Berries.

You'll need Pals with Farming, Gathering, Transport, and Watering skills so they can manage your farm.

Infinite Wood and Stone

Once your base has enough structures so that your Pals can sleep and eat enough, you can start working on building a Logging Site and a Stone Pit. Once built in your base, Pals with Mining and Logging Work Suitability will be able to start gathering Wood and Stone. These structures are an infinite source of those resources, so you only really need to build one of each.

Hot Spring

If you're wondering "Why is my Pal losing SAN (sanity)" or "How do I increase my Pals SAN", then the answer is through Hot Springs. While it's not really absolutely necessary for a base, we recommend building at least one so your Pals can recover their SAN easily, allowing them to work more and help you out.


There are six types of Workbenches in the game:

1. Normal Workbench

For the normal workbenches (Primitive Workbench, High Quality Workbench, and Production Assembly Lines), you'll be able to craft everything except Medicine and Pal Gear.

Despite that fact, we still recommend building the specialised Workbenches for Spheres and Weapons because you need it to upgrade your base.

2. Medieval Medicine Workbench

While working, your Pals can get sick with a variety of diseases and injuries. When that happens, they'll either be unable to work or will work much more slowly. Crafting Medicine and giving them to injured Pals will help restore them back to health.

3. Sphere Workbench

Pal Spheres are necessary if you want to progress in the game, and Sphere Workbenches allow you to craft different kinds of Spheres.

4. Repair Bench

You can't craft anything on Repair Benches, but you still need them so you can repair any damaged or broken equipment you have, saving you the cost of crafting a brand new one every time they break.

5. Pal Gear Workbench

Saddles and other Pal Accessories can only be crafted on the Pal Gear Workbench. If you ever want to ride your Pals or give them equipment, you'll need to build a Pal Gear Workbench.

6. Weapon Workbench

Weapons and Ammunition are the only things you can craft on the Weapon Workbench. While you'll still be able to craft basic weapons on the Normal Workbenches, you'll need these specialised Weapon Workbenches if you want to craft Guns and similar weapons.


With those structures built, you now have a fully self-sufficient Base set up! You just need to find the right Pals with the right Work Suitability and you can start focusing on adventuring while your Pals help you prepare everything.

We have a guide on the best early-game Pals to get your base fully running, check it out here!

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