The PocketPair team has been hard at work since Palworld's release constantly pumping out highly needed quality-of-life updates and many other bug fixes that make the early-access game a much bigger improvement for the day-1 players of Palworld who have continued to stick around. With so much to enjoy and experiment with inside the landscape of Palworld, players who have stuck with the game since launch will likely be eager to see much of the promised developer-roadmap begin coming to fruition.

The PocketPair team has begun to follow-up on these roadmap promises by implementing not only the very first raid boss update on April 4th, but now with the upcoming inclusion of the massively awaited PVP Arena. Just as players love to battle Pokémon head to head in their respective game, players have been equally as eager to duel it out using exclusively their beloved Pals! With the inclusion of the upcoming PVP Arena, players may be included in this all-out brawl as well!

Short but Sweet

The teaser above released by PocketPair was extremely short, but showed nearly everything players need to know regarding these game modes. They are coming. A true undeniable PVP experience is coming to Palworld and will feature a full Pal-versus-Pal combat system where the Pals will choose to fight one another based on some set of predisposed circumstances. New PVP Metas will likely soon develop based on Pal-types, strengths, abilities, and best traits. This should be an extremely interesting time for long-term Palworld veterans!

In addition to this extremely short video with limited context, the previous update blog post on April 4th, detailing Bellanoir's Raid Boss addition to the game, actually featured a small section about this upcoming update. The Palworld Arena will likely come with:

...never-before-seen scenery and thrilling adventures on a new island, home to many new pals. In addition, we plan to add a large amount of new content including new buildings, weapons, and tower bosses.
Palworld Tavern

What will that look like?

The very short teaser will give a small indication of what this PVP game mode will look like, but the rest of the PVP will likely be completely undiscovered territory. Players who are familiar with ARK: Survival Evolved may have better experience with PVP in games similar to Palworld, and may develop winning strategies faster than those who are native to the Pal-catching country-sides.

In terms of the new structures, we can likely make a good determination on them based on the currently existing bosses already within the game. The newest island will likely have a scattering of 4-5 brand new Pals with varying types so that players can find a new Pal they like most, and 2-3 new boss Pals. Depending on the size of this island as well, there will likely be 2 new Boss Towers, with some sort of Pal Gym-Leader riding atop one of the newest Pals introduced in this update. In terms of structures there may be a puzzle structure, or another trading post such as the Fishermen Village protected by PIDF officers.

Palworld Building

What to do in the Meantime?

While waiting for the Palworld PVP update, there is still plenty to do with your own Palworld dedicated server. In fact, right now is the best time to start planning for the Meta of PVP prior to it beginning! Collect Pals, optimize their best traits with your friends, and prepare your custom Pal squads in preparation for the upcoming update. We've even got a guide where we cover how to obtain and breed the elusive Palworld Grizzbolt here!

In addition, if the current server structure remains the same, only players who are currently on the same server will likely be able to battle eachother using their specified Pals who are trained and prepared. This means that players who are eager to battle will need to search for communities and prepare their loadouts on servers specific to dueling, so go start forming those communities in preparation for this massive game-changer! Grab a Shockbyte server and invite the community to join your Pal-league!

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