Enshrouded’s first big update has finally arrived! With 36 different major additions promised on the Enshrouded roadmap, players are in for huge updates over the course of the game's lifecycle. One of the first many updates coming to Enshrouded are these "Hollowed Halls Dungeons" which many players have been eagerly looking forward to delving into. Equip your team and ready your spelunking party!

First, players will find themselves at the gates of the first Hollow Halls dungeon. At last, a challenge for all levels of players. It's recommended you enter these advanced dungeons with a full party as these brand new dungeons can be challenging for solo players no matter the character, build, or level you're playing on. Balthazar the Alchemist will also fill you in on all the new quests, factions, and wonders that await you upon descending into the Hollow Halls.

Enshrouded Dungeon

Once you make it to the end of the first Hollowed Hall you will find a tomb. Here lies the latest NPC Alden Crowley the Collector, who not only unlocks new recipes but is also the start of new quest lines. In the second Hollowed Hall in Revelwood lies the first new boss, the Hollow Cyclops, who comes packing a collection of new lethal attacks. A diverse party of adventurers will be vital in taking down this brand new challenging encounter added by the Hollowed Hall update.

In addition to the new combat encounter, new distinctive building blocks such as snazzy red marble block have been added alongside a variety of new skull themed weapons and the new crafting station, the Ectoplasm Press. With a plethora of new crafting materials, craft-able weapons, furniture and miscellaneous items, this new update is sure to add around another 8+ hours of gameplay to your usual playthrough with friends.

Enshrouded Hollow Halls Update

As shown in the developer breakdown video, Emily the farmer now offers a large repertoire of potted plants to add a little bit more nature to your builds. Just fire up some clay in the kiln and get to crafting! The Hollow Halls update isn't all just delving into gloomy dungeons; decorate your homes with stunning greenery more than ever before now!

Round doors and windows can also now be acquired at Cade the Carpenter which can help turn any base into a little slice of the shire. You can now even sit and interact with furniture! Roleplay and decoration opportunities are massively enhanced with this update!

The final two notable updates are the 60hz framerate issue which provides a smoother experience while playing at higher resolutions. The town of Willow Crush has had a huge upgrade, changing the entire layout of the village making it into more of a fortress rather than a farming village.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg! Read below to hear more information about everything involved directly from the developer notes on the update!

Enshrouded New Update

New Biome Areas: Hollow Halls

Each biome now features a new playable area called the “Hollow Halls”. These dungeons offer challenges and rewards corresponding to the level of the biome. Prepare yourself for new quests, enemies, and even discover a new survivor within these daunting halls. Unlock new crafting stations, recipes, weapons, building blocks, and more as you delve deeper into these treacherous dungeons.

These dungeons will add far more gameplay to each and every biome as well as the opportunity to flex your combat skills at all different levels. With rewards to be earned at each and every biome, be sure to visit the Hollow Halls with your party before venturing forth into your story.

Hollow Hall Dungeon

Quality of Life Improvements

Improvements have been made across the board to enhance the player experience. Stack splitting, magical chest content usability, loot collection, crafting in stacks, and item sending have all been optimized for smoother gameplay. Additionally, a new ping function on the world map and server search and favorite options have been added for multiplayer sessions. The server connection addition has been a pain point since launch so this addition of IP connection choice is HUGE for Enshrouded server hosting players.

Technical Improvements & Stability

Technical improvements aim to streamline game updates and enhance stability. Faster updating on Steam, improved save data stability, and performance enhancements ensure a smoother gaming experience. Support for Nvidia Reflex, control over image sharpness, and options for contact shadows contribute to improved graphics quality. Early access games such as Enshrouded and Palworld thrive off consistency updates such as these and backend updates to QoL are always greatly appreciated.

Enshrouded Update

Gameplay Enhancements

Gameplay adjustments include the addition of more shields, changes to skill mechanics, and tweaks to weapon durability. Various fixes address issues with skills, enemy behavior, and player interactions, ensuring a more balanced and immersive gameplay experience. While these minor adjustments will feel minor in their overall grand scheme of changes, they can have a major impact in the viability of some skill trees. Get out there and try a new build next time!

Crafting, Building & Terraforming

Crafting, building, and terraforming have received attention with fixes for terrain voxel transparency, improved fireplace functionality, and better alignment of building elements. Crafting flower soil, salvaging high rarity items, and undoing building actions offers more flexibility and control in base construction. One of Enshrouded's most appreciated aspects is the base-building functionality and the Hollow Halls update looks to enhance this experience for players.

Enshrouded New Hollow Halls

User Interface & Localization

Updates to the user interface enhance clarity and usability, with improvements to character details, health bars, and damage numbers. Text corrections, server load visibility, and refined map marker menus contribute to a smoother overall experience.

With these comprehensive improvements and additions, Enshrouded's Hollow Halls update promises an even more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience. Whether you're exploring treacherous dungeons, crafting intricate structures, or engaging in thrilling combat, there's something new and exciting for every player to discover.

Enshrouded New Update Hollow Halls

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