Want to unlock special recipes and build some of the best armor in Enshrouded? There is one key resource you will need to get first in order to be able to do that. What resource is that you ask? Follow along with us as we dive into Embervale on a quest to get linen and to get lots of it.

Enshrouded Embervale

Starting Out

As you begin to progress through the world of Embervale, completing the main Craftspeople quests is the key to unlocking some of the best recipes in the game. One of those recipes being for Linen. Linen is created from using flax with the hand spindle.

After you progress to Revelwood, look around for flax which is a light blue flower. If for some reason you miss it on your travels, don't worry because in some future steps you’ll come across more instances of it.

Enshrouded Start

Hand Spindle Location

Unlocking the Revelwood Ancient Spire after starting the Hunters Hand Spindle Quest will help you speed up the process so after unlocking the ancient spire fast travel point glide or travel on foot north to the Abandoned Hunters Camp.

There are a few different entrances, the main entrance being on the western side of the map marker. Head through the cave into the first room, past the spider web, and into the main room. Straight ahead after you enter the main cave room you’ll see the red glow of the hand spindle.

Enshrouded Revelwood

Farming Base

After acquiring the spindle, either leave the cave or teleport back to the Revelwood spire. To the west of the spire is the Blue Goblet which for this video we are going to turn into our flax farming base. Around the Blue Goblet you’ll also be able to find flax as well as at the nearby abandoned village called Diadwyn. Here you can find three flax flowers in the garden beds.

Now, all you have left to do is put 2 flax into the hand spindle to create one linen. You may think, "Wow, that's not really a lot of linen for the amount of flax used!" And that's where our next steps come into play.

Mass Flax Production, Farming Linen

Our next steps require us to do a little bit of good ole fashioned farming. You should have the farmer & the alchemist unlocked which means you can make seedbeds to make seedlings and farm soil to plant them in. Turning the flax into flax seedlings by using 1 flax and 1 water to make 10 flax seedling. Plant your seedlings, watch them grow, harvest and repeat to run up that flax then turn it into linen!

In order to unlock some of the best recipes and armor in Enshrouded, you're going to need to get linen and get lots of it. Continue reading as we guide you through this process in our latest video linked above! Stay tuned for more Enshrouded tutorials like this.

Enshrouded Linen

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