Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Enshrouded, where we delve deep into the intricate workings of each of the twelve unique classes and their accompanying skill trees. In the mystical world of Enshrouded, players have the opportunity to embody a variety of roles, each with its own set of abilities and specialties.

From the stalwart defenders of the Tank class to the cunning trickery of the Trickster, each class skill tree offers a distinct playstyle and a wealth of options for customization. Join us as we unravel the mysteries of Enshrouded's classes and unlock the secrets of their skill trees, empowering you to forge your own path to greatness in this captivating open-world realm.

For this guide, we'll be covering each of the skill trees through an incredible online resource known as the "Enshrouded Skills Calculator" created by an appropriately named 'BuboByte'. If you're interested in checking it out, see here!

Enshrouded Ranger Class

Enshrouded Assassin Class - 5/10

In Enshrouded one of the key mechanics is alerting enemies to your presence due to the game's reliance on it's PvE combat. Fortunately the player characters within your party can strongly take advantage of this mechanic as they approach fights and stealthily take down enemies before they even detect your existence. Fortunately, for the players who are playing the Assassin in your party, they will have the most power over these opportune moments, swiftly executing hostiles well before the fight had a chance to begin.

The Assassin build is primarily a build centered around Stealth in Enshrouded, dealing the most damage from headshots, backstabs, back-shots with arrows, and critical hits. Assassins can also use explosive arrows to quickly eliminate crowds of enemies with their high damage prior to true combat beginning as well as choose melee combat when needed for either single-targets or close-quarters engagements.

Enshrouded Assassin Class
Here is the link to our Enshrouded Assassin build!

Enshrouded Ranger Class - 8/10

If you're the type of player who likes to stay in the back of your team, flinging arrows that piece your enemies and tear through their armor without the fear of being attacked yourself, then the Ranger class is just for you! Rangers in Enshrouded benefit from many bonuses that allow them to take down enemies from a distance as well as escape dangerous circumstances with their blink spell whilst stunning their attackers who attempt to dealt them harm.

Rather than the Assassin build that dipped into both melee and ranged aspects, the Ranger build strays far away from that, favoring entirely ranged attacks and escape maneuvers to escape incoming danger and deal out heavy responses. Using the Survivor and Ranger trees, the Ranger is able to deal a massive amount of Ranged damage using bow-weaponry while maintaining a fair distance and any enemies that close the gap are stunned by the Healer tree's "Blink" spell as the Ranger teleports to safety.

Enshrouded Ranger
Here is the link to our Enshrouded Ranger build!

Enshrouded Omnitank Class - 9/10

Sometimes players just want to be good at everything in a videogame and if you're a solo-player in Enshrouded this is definitely the build for you (besides the "Savior" skill choice). What the Omnitank player brings to the team is a little bit of everything AMAZING for every combat situation in Enshrouded. The Omnitank has near-unlimited survivability while still being able to deal out significantly damage, and their other skills such as Healing Aura/Savior also make them a beneficial member of the party.

The Omnitank will never deal as much direct damage as a damage-focused Ranger, nor will tank as much as a full-bulk Tank team member, but in about 90% of situations you can count on this teammate to get the job done. Dipping into all four of the Healer, Barbarian, Warrior, and Tank skills trees, this class has an extremely heavy focus on the Constitution Stat, with a secondary focus on Strength and Intelligence. Strength for damage, Intelligence for healing.

Enshrouded Omnitank Class
Here is the link to our Enshrouded Omnitank build!

Enshrouded Beastmaster Class - 7/10

The Beastmaster in Enshrouded is a unique class in that it allows the player to tame many of the otherwise hostile animals throughout the game, as well as recruit them to assist in hunting enemies by going up to them and selecting the [Guard] feature. This will then cause the animal, whether that be a Sabretooth or a Vukah to protect you from harm is an enemy immediately starts attacking you within their vicinity. The same goes for when you are attacked near an animal or Vukah's spawn location.

The quirkiness with this build however comes with that it's primary gimmick is an inconsistent one due to animals not always being something you have access to throughout the game. Animals you recruit to fight alongside you also are quite weak and are able to fall in battle just as simply as the enemies they are fighting, not to mention your alternative skills are simply that of a second-class Ranger. It is a neat class and definitely worth checking out at some point.

Enshrouded Beastmaster Build
Here is the link to our Enshrouded Beastmaster build!

Enshrouded Barbarian Class - 9/10

The Barbarian class in Enshrouded is ALL about Dual Wielding blunt weaponry. Initially when you start, wielding any weapon will do fine and you initial skill investment will be entirely value-based, with investments in Miner, Quality Gear, Lumberjack, and Mason. Fortunately with so much early investment, you'll feel like a powerhouse of a character and then the rest of your skills will be invested directly into your combat potential.

Diverting from your original weapons, you will eventually want to dual wield blunt weaponry, and swing away! Jump attacks will allow you to fully get into Barbarian spirit while also dealing massive damage as well as closing the gap. Unleashing shockwaves and dealing merciless attacks are great ways at dealing heavy damage to enemies as you continue to max-out your blunt weaponry skills and optimize your build.

Enshrouded Barbarian Class
Here is the link to our Enshrouded Barbarian class build!

Enshrouded Tank Class - 8/10

The Tank class in Enshrouded is extremely important for when a party of players explores new areas and is unfamiliar with the enemies or new monsters that may be lurking around the next corner. This Tank class is extremely powerful in Enshrouded as you're still able to dish out a massive amount of damage, but won't be as combat oriented as the Omnitank character in your party. Much of your time will be spent parrying and blocking enemies who target you.

Your job however is an important one, serving as the squad-leader for almost every expedition and able to handle the first hit from nearly every unexpected threat. It's very useful as well as the scaling on some enemies in new areas can be unexpected so it is extremely versatile to have a player who is specialized in soaking damage for the team.

Enshrouded Tank Class
Here is the link to our Enshrouded Tank Class build!

Enshrouded Healer Class - 9/10

The Healer class in Enshrouded is an extremely powerful one, based entirely on a single skill, "Water Aura". Water Aura's ability provides the bearer a constantly active "healing aura" that has a large radius around the player. This aura heals based off the owner's Intelligence stat, allowing their party to use their friend as a mobile home-base in all combat scenarios.

Not only can the team (and healer themselves) rely on constant healing benefits, but the Healer player is also equipped with a multitude of supportive skills such as "Savior" and "Martyr" which make them an invaluable asset to the team. The Savior skill will allow the Healer player to halve the time required for reviving their allies, whereas the Martyr skill will massively heal all allies within range when the Healer is downed during combat.

Here is the link to our Enshrouded Healer Class build!

Enshrouded Wizard Class - 8/10

The Wizard class of Enshrouded will act as one of your party's primary DPS players, dealing a majority of the damage and blinking around the battlefield to avoid attacks. The Wizard Class is as close to your classic fire-slinging mage as possible, flinging fire balls at enemies and burning them to a crisp way before they can even close the gap. With an extreme focus on early-game value and high damage output, the Wizard is an extremely valuable asset to your team.

Wizard players will want to stay far away from the front of the battle in each encounter, preferring to tear enemies apart with staves at a distance. Dealing critical hits will stun enemies in their tracks as well further adding to a Wizard's long list of usefulness to the party.

Enshrouded Wizard Class
Here is the link to our Enshrouded Wizard Class build!

Enshrouded Survivor Class - 6/10

The Survivor class in Enshrouded is all about being the best at...well..surviving! The Survivor class gives you the best value both early-game and late-game in terms of all your skill investments, with the usual early skill investments in Mason, Lumberjack, Miner, and Quality Gear, while still picking up the most valuable late-game skill of Dessert Stomach.

The Survivor class will be able to survive longer than nearly every other class with over +7 minutes in Shroud time due to their survivor investments and additional time available through their Purification skill. The Survivor however does serve a beneficial purpose to their party through their Earth Aura buff, providing a 10% damage reduction aura to allies within their vicinity. In combat however, we can't recommend this class due to their lack of focus on combat.

Enshrouded Survivor Class
Here is a link to our Enshrouded Survivor Class build!

Enshrouded Battlemage Class - 7/10

The Battlemage is the magic equivalent of the Omnitank class that we covered previously. With a heavy focus on defensive stats, constitution and magical abilities that stem from parries and dealing magical damage with wands; This class serves as a front-line spellcaster that can also take more than a few hits for the team. However, there is a glaring flaw that unfortunately coincides with the mixture of the two trees, causing spare points in Strength and Spirit to be far less useful to the player.

Fortunately with the use of a wide range of magical abilities using wands, a front-line spellcaster will be able to control the battlefield in close-quarters combat, but we've chosen not to use the "Begone!" skill line of Trickster as unarmed attacks are nearly never a good idea, even for this uniquely situated magical-melee class.

Enshrouded Battlemage Class
Here is a link to our Enshrouded Battlemage Class Build!

Enshrouded Trickster Class - 6/10

The Trickster class in Enshrouded suffers from similar issues the Battlemage also does. The primary stats of one tree in both Battlemage and Trickster, tend to provide next to nothing towards the depth of other maxed trees within the class. As an example, many of the Ranger skill tree buffs provide great benefits to the player in text, but each of the Stat bonuses provide nearly nothing to a magic-user. Dexterity does not increase magical ranged damage, while Endurance simply adds to a player's Stamina management.

The Trickster fortunately does benefit from some of the most useful skills in the game such as Dessert Stomach and Well Rested, but many of the other skills do not correlate to create an unstoppable war-machine as much as other classes. We have to rate this build much lower than other simply to due it's inconsistency within it's own field.

Enshrouded Trickster Class
Here is a link to our Enshrouded Trickster Class build!

Enshrouded Warrior Class - 10/10

The Warrior class specializes in dual-wielding powerful swords as well as being a powerful front-line damage dealer, who is capable of healing by felling enemies. Through many different skills within the Skill tree, the Warrior player is able to have a significant amount of Constitution and Health, as well as restore that health through combat. Merciless attacks will also be a major part of this build's game plan outside of it's raw damage.

The combination of the Survivor skill tree with the Barbarian, Athlete, and Warrior skill trees create a devastating combination, allowing unparalleled stamina, shroud time, constitution, and healing, all without needing to forgo damage output. This class is great for beginner players as well as veterans and will quickly become one of the most reliable fighters in your Enshrouded multiplayer party.

Enshrouded Warrior Class
Here is a link to our Enshrouded Warrior Class build!

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