In the current version of Palworld (v0.1.4.1) there is an incredibly unique glitch that players can take advantage of in order to capture the Boss Tower opponents without having to face them directly. The glitch itself takes advantage of the game's unique aggression system, wherein it appears that each of the boss Towers were not INTENDED to be caught by the player; However, if a player is able to force the Tower bosses to become unaggressive, they can then be caught instantly by throwing a Pal Sphere directly into their back.

This mechanic has been confirmed to work on this version of Palworld and all previous versions, and also works on all Palworld boss tower opponents, from the fan favorite Zoe and Grizzbolt at the Tower of Rayne Syndicate all the way up to Victor and Shadowbeak at the PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower. As we'll explain, capturing the bosses become extremely easy with this mechanic, but actually getting to the appropriate tower is still borderline impossible for unprepared explorers, so no speed-running options here!

Palworld Zoe Rayne Tower Syndicate

First Steps to Get the Glitch Started

As we mentioned previously, there is one primary goal that must be fulfilled in order to actually capture a tower boss in order to break their "Cannot Be Captured" AI, and that is: 'They cannot be aggressive to the player.' In order to break this aggression, you as the player must bring another form of NPC into the fight to draw the aggression from the tower boss instead. The best way to do this is by going to the "Small Settlement" fast-travel tower and attacking a PIDF officer.

Once you've done so, you will now become a wanted felon, and there will be constantly spawning PIDF officers that follow and attack you wherever you go. Now teleport to whichever boss you which to capture, and enter their tower. Try and keep the attention of PIDF officers as much as possible and bring them into the boss tower with you as well. If you begin the tower-boss encounter and see them inside as well, step one is complete!

Palworld Boss Tower

Next Step in Catching Palworld Tower Bosses

Once you're inside, you'll notice the PIDF officers have continued to spawn around you, even inside of the boss encounter! You'll still be a wanted criminal despite being in the boss fight and this will mean the PIDF officers will be firing at you. If you are able to cause these PIDF officers to accidentally shoot the Tower boss you are facing, this will initiate the 'AI Rulebreak', allowing the next step in the catching process.

Once a PIDF officer attacks the Tower Boss a small, VERY specific sequence of events will occur, and will outline when you are able to catch the Tower Boss:

  • For this entire fight, DO NOT attack the Tower Boss you want to catch.
  • The Tower Boss will first have aggression on you, attacking you.
  • The Tower Boss will be shot by the PIDF officer, then momentarily freeze.
  • The Tower Boss may turn and face the PIDF officer, or will immediately start sprinting towards the corner of the arena- do not do anything yet.
  • The Tower Boss will then freeze in place for a total of 4-6 seconds. It is extremely noticeable, and all PIDF officers will continue to shoot the tower boss as well as you. This extremely tight time frame is the ONLY time where you can throw a Pal sphere (does not matter the type) at the back of the Tower boss in order to catch it.
  • Do not worry about any percentages, as this glitch will be a guaranteed catch if performed correctly.
  • Some players have reported that you do not have to hit the back of the Tower Boss as long as you throw it within the 4-6 second timeframe, but opinions currently differ due to difficulty in performing the maneuver.

Once you've caught the Palworld Tower Boss the only way out of the arena (and to get rid of your bounty) is to die. Press [ESC] and hit the Respawn button to force yourself to lose the battle. This will keep your captured boss-Pal as well as free you from your worldwide PIDF bounty!

Palworld Capture Boss Tower

How to Perform the Exploit in Coop

In Coop players will need to be aware that the Tower Bosses will still have aggression for any additional teammates that enter the tower alongside your player, even if they are also shot by the PIDF and may not enter the 'AI Rulebreak' state. In order to remedy this, all players who are facing the boss in an attempt to capture them must be wanted at the same time so aggression is split by all parties involved in the boss fight.

On a multiplayer Palworld server, it may make it easier to rely on multiplayer players to look for the 4-6 boss-freeze moment and attempt to capture the boss while they are vulnerable. If players miss this moment the boss will return to it's normal 'uncapturable AI ruleset' and will reject all attempts at player Pal spheres, despite the type or angle of attack. Funnily however, the boss will attack the PIDF officers rather than players under this unique situation.

Palworld Boss Capture

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