Sulfur is a crucial resource in Palworld, serving as a fundamental ingredient for crafting gunpowder, the lifeblood of ammunition production. Once you have an arsenal of automatic weapons at your disposal, sourcing sulfur becomes imperative for your boss-Pal hunting endeavors. Among the diverse landscapes of Palworld, Mount Obsidian emerges as the prime destination for sulfur procurement. In this guide, we'll discuss the various locations within Mount Obsidian to best get your hands on this essential resource efficiently.

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1. Mount Obsidian: The Sulfur Haven

Mount Obsidian stands as a sprawling terrain, teeming with sulfur ore nodes ripe for the picking. Here, we recommend three primary locations within Mount Obsidian where sulfur can be harvested in abundance, although sulfur can be found throughout the entirety of the biome. Near the lava areas you will be required to wear heat-resistant gear, so do be prepared while exploring this terrain.

Palworld Mt. Obsideon

2. Location One: Western Slopes

Begin your sulfur-hunting expedition by venturing to the western slopes of Mount Obsidian Island. Here, you'll encounter numerous sulfur ore nodes dotting the landscape, ready to be harvested. Exercise caution as you navigate this region, ensuring you're adequately equipped with heat-resistant armor to withstand the searing temperatures of the lava nearby.

3. Location Two: Northern Perimeter

Continuing your exploration, head towards the northern perimeter of Mount Obsidian, just a stone's throw away from your initial destination. Here, additional sulfur deposits await discovery, offering a bountiful yield to replenish your stockpile. Also do keep in mind that all the Sulfur nodes you'll find dotting the landscape at each of these areas will respawn ONCE each in-game day. This is great as you can make a daily return to these areas and refuel your storage.

4. Location Three: Summit Ascent

The pinnacle of sulfur-rich environments lies at the summit of Mount Obsidian's volcano. Ascend to this lofty peak to uncover a treasure trove of sulfur nodes, numbering upwards of eight or nine. What sets this location apart is its strategic advantage—a fast travel point conveniently situated nearby. No enemies generally spawn anywhere near the top of this volcano and it makes for an extremely easy mine-and-go situation which can be repeated each in-game day!

Palworld Sulphur Locations

5. Enhancing Efficiency: Flying Mounts

To further expedite your sulfur-gathering endeavors, consider employing a flying mount. While the aforementioned locations offer optimal sulfur yields, airborne exploration unveils additional sulfur pockets scattered across Mount Obsidian. However, exercise caution, as sulfur in these regions tends to be more sporadic and thinly dispersed. Also do keep in mind that while you are flying, depite your height, you will still be subject to biome-temperature requirements and will be required to wear heat-resistant clothes at many areas of the mountain.

Palworld Flying Mounts

6. Bringing it All Home

Mount Obsidian emerges as the quintessential destination for sulfur procurement in Palworld. With its diverse terrain and abundant sulfur nodes, it provides an unparalleled resource hub for ammunition production. Once you get yourself into the late game where your weapons will all require proper ammunition and plenty of gunpowder, you'll find yourself starved for Sulfur in no time. We highly recommend your Palworld server to set up shop around Mount Obsidian and don't forget to bring your heat-resistant gear!

At a minimum, as long as your party has gathered a variety of flying Pals, traveling to the fast-travel point atop Mount Obsidian's peak will make for an easy daily gathering route for all your Sulfur needs. Unfortunately there is no tech-tree unlock that allows for automatic gathering of Sulfur so players will be required to manually gather all the sulfur they will require for their ammunition needs. Hopefully this guide gives your Palworld server some insight into the best locations available in Palworld V0.2.1!

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