Palworld, the captivating open-world survival Pokemon-like game by Pocketpair, offers players a rich and diverse gaming experience. One of the most thrilling aspects of the game is the exploration of dungeons. In this blog post, we'll dive into the exciting world of dungeons in Palworld, uncovering the challenges, rewards, strategies, and where to find these mysterious locations.

Palworld Dungeon Bosses

What Are Dungeons

Dungeons in Palworld are cavern-looking locations filled with formidable foes, valuable resources, and rare Pals waiting to be discovered. Each dungeon presents a unique set of challenges and puzzles, making exploration both exciting and rewarding. As cool as it sounds, it's highly recommended to not go alone. Most solo players will avoid venturing into dungeons as they can be rather dangerous.

Dungeons seem to only have two different layouts for now: a central chamber that connects to four other chambers, and another one with a castle like hallway.

Regarldess of the layout, the Pals you can expect to find in them are most likely the same. Maus, Daedreams, and Fuddlers are amongst the most common ones. Unlike regular Pals, the final boss does change every time. By defeating the final boss, you'll be able to gather valuable resources such as Paldium Crystal and Precious Entrails.

Where To Find Them

Dungeon entrance in Palworld
Dungeon entrance in Palworld

Dungeons spawn in different locations across the map for a limited time. After 200 minutes, the dungeon will vanish, and you may have to wait a while until you can find another one.

While the specific locations may vary, here are some general areas where you can discover dungeons:

  1. Mountain Walls: The most common location to find a dungeon is on montain walls, so keep an eye on them and may find one in no time.
  2. Caves and Underground Structures: Keep an eye out for cave entrances and underground structures. Many dungeons are hidden beneath the surface, requiring players to delve deep into the earth to unveil the secrets within.
  3. Isolated Islands: Some dungeons may be located on isolated islands, accessible by boat or flying Pals. These remote locations often house unique challenges and rewards for daring adventurers.

If you're looking for a dungeon right now, we highly recommend that you keep playing the game as usual, always keeping an eye on mountain walls. This way, you'll make progress in the game and avoid wasting time travelling around the map.

Palworld Dungeon Exploration

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