Palworld is currently having several issues with the game and its servers. They are already aware of the issues and are working on resolving them. We will regularly update this post with the issues and any fixes we recommend.

Palworld Issues

Palworld lag and crashes

Palworld servers currently have an issue with CPU and memory leaks. While Pocketpair works on resolving that, we recommend regularly restarting your server to reduce resource usage and prevent crashes and lag.

Pocketpair is working on optimising the game to reduce the issues players experience both in singleplayer, players playing across multiplayer save files, and for players playing on dedicated servers.

Unable to enter servers from the server list

To join your server, we recommend directly using the server address provided to you in your control panel. You can read more about this here.

Lost Player Save Data Problems

While currently available information about losing saved data is only about single player and local co-op, it's still a good idea to back up your server regularly. You can set your server to do regular automatic backups by following this guide.

Palworld Multiplayer Issues

Random People Joining Servers

Since Palworld displays random servers on the community list, anyone can join servers without a password.

Since the new Palworld v0.1.3.0 update on Steam, you can now tick the box beside the server address input field so you get prompted to enter a password. With this, we recommend setting a password for your Palworld server by following this guide.

You can use admin commands in-game to ban any unwanted players by following this guide.

Palworld Memory Reset Drug Glitch

There's an item in the game called the "Memory Reset Drug" which can be used to reset your character's status. However, this also reduces your capture power if you've already upgraded it and there's no way to go back to your original capture power. We recommend avoiding using this item until PocketPair fixes this.

Palworld Connection Timed Out Error

A lot of players are reporting issues where they are unable to play multiplayer in Palworld due to a wide variety of reasons. Players are continually experiencing the infamous Palworld Connection Timed Out Error which appears on their screen alongside much other text informing them their game was unable to connect to the host. Generally, this always happens when players attempt to connect through the Invitation code multiplayer feature and to play on a player's local save file. Instead, to circumvent this issue, players can create a dedicated server for Palworld which will allow them to connect without issues.

Palworld Multiplayer Screenshot Connection Timeout

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