Rust has become one of the iconic FPS shooters of this generation, somehow still maintaining around 100,000 players on Steam, no matter the day. With the title regularly releasing game-changing updates, smaller bug-fixes and day to day item tweaks, it's no wonder players keep coming back time and time again. The game has set a new meaning to the genre "multiplayer survival" releasing all of the human species out on each other in an open brawl for resources. While nothing is 100% perfect: Rust is well known for decent gunplay, neat base building, and in-game open proximity voice chat allowing for irreplaceable experiences.

After ten long years of entire game overhauls, massive game-changing additions, and graphical changes that made the game look entirely different than before, we now settle upon a Rust a decade later that dedicated fans from around the world enjoy daily. With dozens of Rust server hosts on Shockbyte servers players are able to freely enjoy the game anytime of the day, no matter where they join from around the globe. Let's dive into everything that Facepunch is doing to celebrate this monumentous event with the dedicated fanbase of players!

Legacy Rust
Remember Rust way back when? Looks like a different game almost today. See their full blog post here.

Rust 10 Year Anniversary Items

As part of the Rust 10 Year Anniversary celebration, Facepunch is releasing an absolute ton of content into the game as a throwback to days of old, with "legacy skins" for a boatload of commonly used items. The "legacy bow" skin, along with the M4, the "legacy furnace", and the "legacy wooden shelter" will all be returning to Rust in particularly wooden fashion, ALL as completely free-of-charge additions besides the bow. The M4 Shotgun as well is a throwback to it's original implementation in Rust and will be an uncraftable item in it's initial implementation, intended on longer-range shooting.

The "legacy wooden shelter" will also be making it's triumphant return as a 1-by-1 wooden hut with a wooden door and a lock, allowing for any player to quickly deploy housing as they enter as a fresh spawn into a server. Only time will tell if the legacy wooden shelters will become littered across the landscape too heavily and will eventually need to be removed by the developers, but for now they will be an incredible addition for veteran players to enjoy once more.

Rust Anniversary Update

Rust 10 Year Anniversary Updates

Among the many items joining the Rust arsenal in celebration of this decade long slaughter, players will now find the return of a beloved map to the rotation: Hapis Island. Hapis Island is a beloved community map that has gone in and out of the official Rust rotation for some time throughout the game's lifespan and veterans will be eager to hop back in for some nostalgic experiences in this iconic memory of Rust's history. For players eager to try out the map themselves they can easily boot it up using a Shockbyte server of their own or they can checkout the Hapis Island map here!

In addition to the return of the Hapis Map, many changes to the game overall have been made! From tons of bug fixes we'll cover briefly to a major overhaul of the Oil Rig, players will have all the more reason to hop back in and celebrate themselves. The Oil Rig has quickly become one of the community's favorite monuments due to it's incredible loot, disjointed-ness from the mainland, and high capacity for players to learn the location's best combat strategies. Now, the Oil Rig will begin to ooze radiation 30 minutes after it has been looted, forcing all players out and allowing new players to get ready for the next respawn themselves. Play fair!

Rust Anniversary Oil Rig
The Orange lights and brand new sirens will alert players to incoming radiation. Get moving!

Rust 10 Year Anniversary Bug Fixes, and Additions

Alongside the addition of many new items, DLC, and even the beloved return of the Hapis Island, Rust is celebrating it's 10 long years of player enjoyment with a heap of smaller additions as well. Alongside many smaller celebratory additions to the game, the Rust team is also taking this opportunity to push a massive collecting of bug fixes and game improvements to further separate the modern state of the game from it's legacy version. Players returning to celebrate the occasion can expect an incredible gaming experience this upcoming update!

The biggest highlights coming out of this update include:

  • A fully craftable (and destroyable) Piñata, crafted out of 400 wood that can drop anything from fuel, to food, tools, or ammo for weapons! Perfect to hang outside and enjoy with your (definitely friendly) neighbors!
  • A craftable confetti cannon requiring only 75 wood and 5 gunpowder, which can be shot multiple times to celebrate a decade of Rust!
  • The Rust Birthday event now runs for over a week, all the way until the 16th, allowing even busy veterans to join, make their own Rust servers, and get involved!
  • Bandages can now be used to revive downed players as well rather than simply picking them up, providing an additional health boost upon revival, similar to the current use of Syringes! Show some love this winter season!
  • Players can no longer set their FPS below 20, which creates a unique situation for many players who struggle to run Rust at higher FPS. Players will want to start lowering those graphical settings!
  • And an announcement of the Rust Christmas Event! Scheduled to drop on December 16th!
Rust Anniversary Celebration Event

Morbid Rust Insights

One of the coolest things that the Facepunch team provided as part of this update was statistics regarding a wide plethora of in-game actions performed by players on their dedicated servers (that's one more reason to own a server yourself)! Some of these statistics include: Over the course of a single wipe, players used the MP5 to kill over 5.19 Million players. That's almost equivalent to the entire population of South Carolina in the United States. For their full stat breakdown, be sure to checkout their blog post here and start up a server yourself with Shockbyte!

Rust Blog Post Insights

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