In the vast expanse of Rust's unforgiving world, survival isn't just a goal - it's a necessity. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer braving the wilds for the first time, mastering the art of survival requires more than just luck. That's why the developers behind Rust have introduced a groundbreaking new feature: Tutorial Island.

As you connect to a compatible server, a prompt appears, inviting you to embark on a guided journey through Rust's guided tutorial. It's your chance to learn the ropes, to sharpen your skills, and to prepare yourself for the challenges that lie ahead. But what if you're a battle-hardened veteran with countless deaths to your name? Fear not - the tutorial is accessible to all, whether you're a newbie or a grizzled survivor.

Rust Tutorial Island Screenshot

Upon accepting the invitation, you find yourself respawned on a secluded island, far removed from the chaos of the main game world. Here, under the watchful eye of a knowledgeable NPC, you'll spend the next half hour immersing yourself in the basics of survival beside your downed helicopter.

As you take your first tentative steps, the NPC guides you through the intricacies of movement, teaching you to navigate the terrain and learn your surroundings. You learn to run, to jump, to crouch - skills that will prove invaluable in the harsh wilderness of Rust (and potentially obvious to modern gamers).

Next, it's time to master the art of crafting. With resources scattered across the island, you gather materials and learn to fashion them into tools, weapons, and shelter. The NPC offers guidance, sharing tips and tricks to streamline the crafting process and explain how blueprints function as well as other key gameplay elements of the Rust title.

Rust Tutorial Island Bear

But survival in Rust isn't just about building - it's about fortifying your defenses, too. With the NPC's assistance, you learn the ins and outs of base construction, from layout and placement to upgrading and reinforcement. You discover the importance of strategic positioning, of building sturdy walls and secure foundations to keep out would-be attackers.

As the tutorial progresses, you delve into the intricacies of combat, engaging in hands-on training exercises against AI opponents such as a chicken and a bear. After hand-crafting your own weapons, you'll get familiar with the starter-gear such as the wooden spear attacks, throwing, and simple bow.

Rust Base Construction

But survival isn't just about fighting - it's about resource management, too. You learn to identify and gather the various resources abundant in the Rust world, from wood and stone to metal and sulfur. You discover the importance of food preparation, of cooking meals to sustain yourself in the wilderness.

With the NPC's guidance, you explore the island's hidden treasures, looting containers and scavenging for supplies. You harness the power of furnaces to smelt raw materials into usable resources, unlocking the potential of workbenches to craft more advanced items and equipment.

Rust Barrels

As the Tutorial comes to a close, you have a very brief opportunity to man a Kayak before you're shoved off into the main game. This brief tutorial is important as it essentially outlines one of the many vehicle transportations that exist within the Rust game and allows you to escape this desolate island. As you begin to finally make your way towards the mainland, you're stopped by a gang of scientists who knock you out, taking you hostage...interesting lore implications there!

With the tutorial complete, you stand ready to face the challenges of the main game world. Armed with the knowledge and skills you've acquired, you're prepared to stake your claim in the wilds of Rust. But remember: success isn't guaranteed. In Rust, survival is earned through skill, strategy, and sheer determination. Are you ready to rise to the challenge? Also keep in mind: You WILL die. A lot.

Rust Tutorial End

Big Changes to Rust Night Time

Not only was the Tutorial Island added to Rust in this update, but a MASSIVE update encompassing night was changed, completely shifting the meta as players know it. Currently, prior to this update, many players would simply change their game settings prior to the night time in Rust in order to accommodate their sight needs during the black of night, allowing them an unfair advantage during combat exchanges at this blackened hour.

Now, after this massive change to the title, players will only experience a small radius around themselves where their player can actually experience color during the night, and outside of this small radius ALL items will be set to TRUE black RGB(0,0,0) colors. This will mean that no matter what players set their internal settings to, there is nothing they can do to unfairly gain an advantage during the night time. This is an absolutely great change for Rust and will greatly reward players who are prepared during the night with flashlights and night-vision goggles far more than previously.

Rust New Night Screenshot

The Rust East Update is Coming!

If you're a big fan of the Rust holiday events, they always add unique advantages for participation without ruining the sanctity of the gameplay for others. Fortunately we've already been given a date for the upcoming Easter event in Rust, with March 21st at 19:00 GMT being marked for the limited time event! This adorable easter-egg event will have players all around the map collective eggs and the top 3 will be rewarded with several tiers of rewards, all the way up to an M249!

Rust Easter Egg Hunt

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