The Facepunch team released a statement on the 4th of January looking back at all that's been released in 2023 for Rust.

  • The Massive Missle Silo
  • Player Controlled Turrets
  • Tugboats (Customizable!)
  • The Ferry Terminal
  • The Attack Helicopter
  • Parachutes
  • Homing Missle Launchers
  • A massive, linked Rail System all throughout the Island
  • Drones, Building Skins, the M4 Shotgun, and so so much more.

Last year had an absolute TON of additions but it was merely a setup for so much content to come in Rust 2024 Updates. Players who are either veterans of Rust or closely follow the Rust update schedule have been diligently watching the game's development. Progressing and progressing, all leading up to what will be one of Rust's most explosive years ever: 2024. If you've been watching like we have at Shockbyte then much of this won't surprise you, but we've got the inside scoop you need to know if you've been living in a wooden shelter all year.

Rust Wooden Shelter
POV: You don't know the current state of Rust.

The Rust Nexus System Update - Slated 2024

The Nexus System has been a long time coming update since it's initial inception over half a year ago, but it only began to feel real with the release of the Ferry Terminal Monument, which will eventually house this unique aspect of gameplay. The Nexus system as described will function as server browser within Rust, allowing players to join a different server from within the one they currently are in. What's special about this? Well they can take their character with them.

This. Changes. Everything. The Rust Nexus System update may be one of the biggest game changing aspects of Rust to ever enter the game, allowing large server-dominating clans to extend their reach into other servers as well by funneling resources across the Nexus System. This also changes the entire gameplay landscape as players who wish to play on a High-Population server can simply farm resources on a low-population server, then travel across the Nexus.

Rust Nexus System Clans

Coming to Rust - Backpacks and Pets?

One item that's already slated for the staging branch is Backpacks, which only expands on the Parachute update, filling the brand new "Back" equipment slot. Remember how we said everything last year was leading into this year? Both big and small updates alike have made adjustments to the game all leading to brand new mechanics such as these, allowing for players to now craft Backpacks which will further increase their carrying load and inventory capacity.

Unlike Backpacks however, the Facepunch team is looking for an entirely new member of the team in order to complete this project: Pets. There isn't a whole lot we know yet, but if players are able to tame the wildlife currently on the island, we could see attack-Bears, friendly-Wolves, protective-Sharks, and potentially more. Imagine raiding a compound with some new furry allies by your side instead of those unreliable flesh bags you call friends!

Rust Polar Bear Pet Coming in 2025
Backpacks are coming in February of this year, but Pets are set for 2025 unfortunately.

Rust 2024 - The Year of Anti Cheat

While many players and content creators had the unfortunate circumstance of facing many cheaters in 2023, the Facepunch team has been working closely with Epic Games and their "Easy Anti-Cheat" system to combat cheaters as they appear. Since 2023 the Facepunch team more than doubled their team's dedicated to supporting the fight against Anti-Cheat and Anti-Cheat related matters, spelling good news for regular Rust enjoys and creators.

The Easy Anti-Cheat system has pushed several hotfixes week to week in the past and 2024 is set to be one filled with safety for players. The Facepunch team looks to explore dedicating even more resources towards game sanctity and radical measures to combat cheating across Rust. For players who experienced flying enemies glitching through the ground and killing them with Eokas, this will be a welcome dedication shown by Facepunch and appreciated by players.

Rust Dome Monument Character with Backpack

Rust 2024 Updates  - Growing Pains and Night Terrors

As Rust continues to remain among the highest played games across all of Steam, regularly pulling in over 100,000 players on a daily basis, the Facepunch team continues to chase performance upgrades year by year. Rust is consistently known across the gaming community as not only an extremely large game in it's sheer size, but a moderately difficult one for modern PCs to run. Many players struggle to run the game on less optimal PC setups, let alone host a server of their own.

For the players who are able to run the game, the continuous day-night cycle of Rust has also been a center of controversy throughout the entirety of the game's history as players will circumvent much of the "darkness" in the game by changing Gamma settings and using third party brightness adjusters. While no true fix has been instated just yet, the Rust team has pushing towards gameplay that will encourage players to use flashlights and night-vision gear in 2024.

Rust Night Attack Halloween

What's Planned for Current Rust?

Facepunch is an extremely unique development team in their approach to updating old content, with regular "free development" periods being given to the team to allow creativity to thrive and a clear schedule of time explicitly set in 2024 for the team to re-evaluate old Rust content. On the Facepunch blog the team explicitly outlined a handful of content they plan to revisit during this period and what sort of old Rust content may see an update in the coming year.

Some things that the Facepunch Team plans on revisiting include:

  • A brand new Hardcore Game mode (after the disaster that became the last one)
  • Old Monuments getting entirely reworked, whether that be visuals or loot
  • AI improvements (Animals, Helicopters, Tanks, all of the above)
  • Missions: For Beginners, Solos, and Clans
  • Continuing Rust's quest for great gunplay where possible!
Rust 2024 Updates Parachute Falling Hazmat

Rust is making huge moves! Check it out below!

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