Content creators regularly run into scalability issues as they grow into their roles as community leaders and have unpresented requirements for their online communities, whether that being moderation on online gathering areas such as Discord or Streams, or collective play areas such as multiplayer game servers. Streamers and creators can easily create game servers for their community to gather on but establishing a public server online comes with a wide area of vulnerabilities, issues with initial RAM choices, and much much more.

Content creators may innocently look to create a space WITHIN GAMES for their players to gather, creating something entirely unique for their community, and they tend to find a lot of positive encouragement, both online and from their fans in response. In fact, one of the most popular forms of online content creator community servers is in the form of "Minecraft Community Servers" where either content creators open public Minecraft servers for their community to enjoy together, or a Minecraft server will be created, allowing only content-creators to join and create as they please. Both require scalability for a variety of reasons.

Minecraft Content Creator Server

Requiring Scalability comes Unexpectedly

Most content creators who are just starting rarely expect an influx or players, let alone dedicated community members eager to join their online servers. Creators often purchase the lowest available packages for Minecraft servers, opting for the cheapest available options as they grow into their new roles. While this is an extremely understandable position, many creators will quickly find their community growing far beyond the capacity of smaller servers. Reliable server providers such as Shockbyte and OVHcloud are fortunately able to accommodate this however, with flexible plans, and easily adjustable RAM if and WHEN you need it.

As creators grow their community will require that vertical growth alongside them, requiring bigger servers, more expansive moderation, and more ways to engage with the creator. If a community member joins their online server only to find it laggy, unplayable, and unmoderated, they may just as quickly leave the server as their experience with the community may be far more tainted than it was before. For example, the Shockbyte partner creator NurseVO's channel exploded in 2021, growing from 8k subscribers to a whopping 200k. This immense growth has required constant RAM upgrades of Nurse's community server with Shockbyte.

Content Creator Community Server

Leave the RAM to Pro Server Hosts

As many modern gamers understand, you nearly need a NASA space computer to run some of the newest gaming titles perfectly not to mention streaming them at the same time. Now, imagine playing the game, streaming the game, and attempting to host a multiplayer server FOR the game on your PC all at the same time. Your setup would be running so hot you could cook a full egg-breakfast on the poor GPU. Streaming programs such as "Vtubstudio" consume a whopping 8GB of RAM alone so content creators will need to turn to alternative methods for hosting multiplayer servers for their communities.

With stacking challenges for content creators, it's amazing to have a team of professional server hosts by your side available to assure you great gaming experience for your content creation and your community. With easily adjustable and affordable plans, OVHcloud and Shockbyte are able to host everything from AAA titles such as ARK: Survival Evolved and ARMA 3 all the way down to indie titles such as Starbound and Terraria. Reliable server hosting has never been easier than it is today with 24/7 support to assist any possible issue.

Why Minecraft Server Hosting Vtuber
Not sure what sort of supercomputer you have at home, but how much RAM do you have left to play on?!

RAM Flexibility for Casual Gamers

It may be obvious now how RAM flexibility is important for content creators and entrepreneurs but not nearly as obvious to see how it applies to the average gamer looking to enjoy their casual Stardew Valley playthrough or newest Minecraft run with family. It does however, ABSOLUTELY apply: Many casual gamers are able to enjoy their favorite games several times throughout the year, whether that be with the same group of friends or with their family, allowing them to fully enjoy the game's experience at the game's base level. But what if you begin to desire something new...but not an entirely new game?

Modding. Plugins. That's where these bad boys come in. Minecraft has remained one of the most well enjoyed games over the last decade because of it's incredibly enjoyable base mechanics that allow further customization easily atop them! Once you start throwing a mod or two into the mix however, your small, low-RAM, Minecraft server is going to need a lot more resources, and you're going to want to scale up your RAM quickly so YOU can get back to gaming. With Shockbyte's quick support team and OVHcloud's global stock, ready-to-use, reliable game servers are easily at your finger tips for any amount of RAM requirements you require.

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Scalability to Optimize Quality

One thing that gamers will regularly overlook is the optimization of their own playing experiences. Despite frustration during gaming being an extremely relevant issue to players, hosts may not realize upon initial inspection all of the finer details that create a great gaming experience for everyone involved. Many of the details involved with this include choosing a region for your game server that is most central to your players, or optimizing how much RAM/players slots you'll require to allow for a lagless experience despite whatever playstyle players play.

A gamer-host may view themselves almost as an NPC, forgetting entirely about the "enjoyment" aspect of creating an amazing gaming deliverable to your players (which may include yourself)! Sometimes the most important experience possible is creating a stress-free situation where everyone connecting can freely interact with the game without fear of disconnecting, lagging, or an unfair network advantage. Using a professional server host can provide exactly this angle to players, and it's up to a server host to scale their server accordingly.

Professional Server Hosting

Start a Community Game Server Today

With Shockbyte's continually growing collection of supported games, nearly every gamer can find a title they enjoy and wish to create a community around. Online gaming communities such as these are extremely relevant in the modern era where online relationships continue to thrive and gamers are creating lifelong friendship through gaming more than ever before. With every title in Shockbyte's game-list having an extremely dedicated community surrounding them, players are sure to flock to another well-established public server, and YOU could lead them.

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