The cutting-edge Shockbyte Control Panel is now offering a rare opportunity exclusively to lucky Minecraft gamers to test its features and offer invaluable feedback. Join us in crafting one of the most advanced, user-friendly server control panels ever designed, tailored specifically for players looking to play games THEIR way.

On April 2nd, Shockbyte will welcome all gamers and server hosts to participate in shaping the culmination of over two years of our development efforts. With hundreds of hours of love, dedication, player feedback, and gamer-focused intentions, Shockbyte has prestiged multiplayer gaming into a brand new era of server hosting.

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How the Shockbyte Panel Came To Be

For well over two years, Shockbyte has embarked on an ambitious journey with a team of skilled developers. Our mission? To meticulously craft a revolutionary multiplayer panel catered specifically to gamers who may not be tech-savvy but still want the latest and greatest tools in game server management on the market.

With dedication and expertise, we've poured countless hours into every aspect of its design, ensuring simplicity without sacrificing functionality. As a result, we're beyond proud to unveil a user-friendly masterpiece that seamlessly connects players to their favorite games, all with the ease of a few clicks.

But our commitment hasn't ended there. Over the span of 11 years, we've continuously sought out feedback from our user community. Through this ongoing dialogue, we've refined and perfected this brand new platform accordingly, adapting to the evolving needs and desires of gamers worldwide. With each suggestion and critique, Shockbyte will continue to push the boundaries of multiplayer gaming, solidifying its reputation as a leader in the industry.

Shockbyte Server Hosting Team

If YOU want to change server hosting forever, JOIN NOW!

Shockbyte is eager to invite not only veteran server hosts to try out our advanced new panel, but first-time users as well.

Our panel has been designed from the ground-up for players who have never, ever, touched a server hosting provider before and are looking to get into the realm, but also keeping in mind our beloved veteran server owners. It is SO easy to get started and Shockbyte wants Minecraft server hosting to be easy, customizable, and fun!

The brand new Shockbyte Control Panel is coming to Open Beta with a brand new experience, which we’ve received massive amounts of positive feedback regarding internally- however we need YOUR help. REAL players to identify where else Shockbyte still needs to improve.

If you're one of many who are interested in helping Shockbyte change the future of multiplayer gaming, please get involved as soon as possible at:

Shockbyte Control Panel

Minecraft Server Hosting Re-Envisioned

We've spoken about these in several online posts already, but the features coming to the brand new Shockbyte Control Panel are unmistakably what separates the user experience from every other hosting option available to players. Everything from Shockbyte's easier-than-ever new built-in File Manager to the complete rebuild of our server configuration controls; we’re looking forward to absolutely blowing you away with Shockbyte's easier-than-ever usability for all levels of technical users..

If you enjoyed creating online spaces for your friends before, Shockbyte just made it even better by giving you complete control over a shared-hosting account. By creating new roles within the Shockbyte Control Panel, you can add as many other users as you’d like to help you manage the server, with varying permissions depending on the role you provided them! The Shockbyte control panel now has unparalleled control and options for hosts, making it the most advanced yet simplified way to host multiplayer servers on the market.

Shockbyte Control Panel Open Beta

How to get in and KEEP your server?

With this being such a momentous occasion for us here at Shockbyte we want to make it special for both newcomers to multiplayer server hosting and veterans alike.

The original Shockbyte control panel Open Beta will feature a free-to-join model, allowing players to freely use the Shockbyte control panel and contribute their experience with our team. We would love for these players to keep their multiplayer servers when the open beta comes to a close.

At Shockbyte, we fully understand the importance of the communities built on multiplayer servers and aim to ensure they persist beyond the conclusion of our open beta. Please look forward to future news regarding how we will make this transition on the Shockbyte control panel and be sure to sign up for our open beta to grow your community today!

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About Shockbyte

Shockbyte is one of the only game server hosts for Minecraft, Stardew, and many more.

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