As everyone is sprinting through stores, your family or community could be sprinting through abandoned mines! Introducing Shockbyte's Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales on server hosting!

For a limited time Shockbyte will be bringing top deals for dirt cheap Minecraft server hosting. This fun will continue past black Friday of 2022 with a lifetime discount of 33% for Minecraft, Stardew Valley, AND Terraria. This could mean you get to snag the absolute cheapest server hosting for Minecraft on the market!

Stardew Valley Multiplayer Dedicated Server
A lifetime discount would give you just enough time to finish the Community Center...maybe.

Game Server Hosting Black Friday

Shockbyte's Cyber Monday deals aren't just for Minecraft server hosting. For communities of Rust server hosting or Ark, look no further than a top deal of 50% off the first 3 months. These deals will even apply to existing Shockbyte server hosting customers, so everyone can fill their inventory with discounts!

Our dedicated server hosting Black Friday specials are the best deals offered year 'round. We have every game on the market you could need server hosting for from Rust, to Ark, CSGO, Valheim, Project Zomboid, V Rising, and so many more. If you're simply looking for a fun way to spend the Holidays with your family, getting a dedicated server will be endless hours of fun.

Black Friday Dedicated Server Hosting Valheim

Best Deals of Black Friday 2022

Shockbyte is proud to provide vanilla and modded servers of all sizes for it's wide selection of games. If you're an upcoming content creator or already have a community of commendable size, it's always a great idea to host a server for your followers to gather within. Alternatively if you're just a family playing together at home, Shockbyte is a great resource to invest in a good gaming experience.

There are plenty of friend groups as well without the PC requirements to host servers of top-of-the-line games. Look no further than Shockbyte's variety of server hosting plans giving your party a lag-less, low latency dedicated server of your own. Before, during, and even after Black Friday of 2022 you can always change your server plans, whether that be an increase or a downgrade.

Terraria Dedicated Server Multiplayer Cyber Monday

How to get the most out of Cyber Monday and Black Friday

One of our very first blog posts was about 7 Types of Minecraft Servers You can Succeed With, and with prices like these there isn't a better time to get started! About 68% of viewers on Twitch are between 18 and 34, the perfect age range looking to spend free time playing games in online communities! Gaming has never been as much a multiplayer experience as it now is.

Even public servers are now more popular than ever with entire websites dedicated to archiving free online public servers for players to join. If your friend group is interested in starting something small as a group, there isn't a better time for it to grow into something huge. Black Friday and Cyber Monday with Shockbyte can be the start to your thriving community.

Conan Exiles Multiplayer Dedicated Server

Alright Shockbyte, I'll byte. Where's the deals?

All our deals and discount codes will be on Shockbyte's main Black Friday Page. Feel free to look through our massive list of options and decide between lifetime specials or temporary coupons. With our lifetime deal of Minecraft servers starting at less than $2, we are offering the absolute cheapest server hosting out there!

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Shockbyte is a game server host for Minecraft, Conan Exiles, V Rising and more.

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