In this popular farming and roleplaying game, you get to leave the monotonous life of an office worker to take over your late grandfather's farm in Stardew Valley. Aside from tending to crops and animals, building relationships with the community in the valley is also a major part of the game.

Building relationships is easy, just talk to the people regularly and give them gifts. However, gift-giving can be quite confusing, even for veteran players. Each person has their own personality, and along with that, their own loves, likes, dislikes, and hates. If you're beginning from scratch, it's hard to know the Stardew Valley Villagers' Favorite Gifts.

If you want to know Alex's favorite gift or if you want a handy Stardew Valley Gift Guide or Cheat Sheet, we got you! In this guide, we'll teach you which Stardew Valley gifts to give to each villager to maximize your friendship with them, and eventually maybe even marry them.

Stardew Valley Alex

How to Give Gifts in Stardew Valley

Giving gifts in Stardew Valley is fairly simple, you just have to be holding the item you want to give and then interact with the villager you want to give the gift to. There are a few things to note about gift-giving:

  • You can only give each villager one gift per day.
  • You can only give each villager two gifts per week.

Furthermore, gifts give different relationship points based on how much the villager likes the gift, and also when you give the gift:

Gift Type Normal
Winter Star
    Love +80 +400 +640
    Like +45 +225 +360
    Neutral +20 +100 +160
    Dislike -20 -100 -160
    Hated -40 -200 -320

Relationship progress is indicated by the number of hearts you have with the villager, and each Stardew Valley heart is worth 250 friendship points. Therefore, it's important to make sure you give the best gifts possible to each person.

Stardew Valley Gift Guide

Loved gifts by every Stardew Valley villager.

With this alphabetically arranged Stardew Valley Gift Guide, you won't have to constantly search "Sebastian Stardew Valley Gifts" or "what does Abigail like in Stardew Valley". You can just bookmark this page or download the image so you can easily refer to it when you're in the mood to give the villagers their favorite gifts.

If you want to marry Alex, Elliott, Harvey, Sam, Sebastian, Shane, Abigail, Emily, Haley, Leah. Maru, or Penny, then this cheat sheet will show you how to win their hearts. It also includes the gifts for Krobus, the Dwarf, Sandy, and Leo!

Universal Gifts

Aside from each villager's specific gifts, there are items that are considered as Universal Loves, Universal Likes, and Universal Neutrals. These are all gifts that you can generally give to all villagers (although some items have a few exceptions). These are good gift options if you don't have a certain villager's preferred gifts.

Here is a list of all the Universal Gifts (except for Cooking products). Just choose an item that you already have from the list, and then make sure it isn't an exception by checking the Exceptions to portions of the graphic.

The easiest way to build relationships in the early game is by gifting villagers with fruits, vegetables, or flowers that you forage in the valley. Once your farm is more stable and you're able to produce extra crops, you can give those out as well so you don't have to run around the whole valley just to forage gifts.

Eventually you'll get to a point where you can start producing Artisan Goods, Cooking products, or have a good supply of Gems and Minerals, at which point it would be better to consult the specific gift guide at the start of this article to maximize the relationship points you get.  

How to Get Universal Loves

While the Universal Likes and Neutrals are easy to come across as you play the game, Universal Loves are a bit rarer. If you don't know where to find them, it's possible that you won't even get a single one of them. These items are loved by almost every villager, so it's worth knowing where you can get them.

Golden Pumpkin

The Golden Pumpkin can only be obtained once a year during the Spirit's Eve Festival on the 27th of Fall from 10:00pm to 11:50pm. You have to go through the haunted maze at the top of the town center and reach the chest to obtain this item.

Magic Rock Candy

You can obtain Magic Rock Candy through three ways. The first is by fighting Haunted Skulls in the caverns, although the drop rate is only 0.13%. The second is by buying them from the Desert Trader for 3 Prismatic Shards on a Thursday. The third is as a reward when you donate 90 items to the Museum.

Considering that you can just use the Prismatic Shard as your gift instead, it's not recommended to buy Magic Rock Candy from the Desert Trader if you just want to use them as gifts.


Pearls can be obtained through many different ways. If you want to obtain them through fishing, you have a 0.4% chance if you fish during the submarine ride, and a 1.7-1.9% chance if you fish from a Blobfish Fish Pond with at least 9 Blobfish. You also have a 3.7% chance of getting a Pearl from an Artifact Trove.

Prismatic Shard

Prismatic Shards can be obtained from mining, fighting monsters, and fishing. Mystic Stones and Iridium Nodes have a small chance (25% and 4% respectively) of dropping a Prismatic Shard when you mine them. You also have a 0.4% chance of getting one when you crack open an Omni Geode. If you manage to reach the treasure room of the Skull Cavern, you have a 4% chance of getting a Prismatic Shard as a reward.

Shadow Brutes and Shadow Shamans have a 0.05% chance of dropping Prismatic Shards but once you've finished The Mines, all monsters can drop them. Serpents and Mummies have double the chance of dropping them (0.1%), but they are more dangerous.

If you'd rather fish for the Prismatic Shards, you have a very small chance (0.012%) of getting them from a Fishing Treasure Chest, but only if you're already level 6 in the fishing skill. If you have a Rainbow Trout Fish Pond with at least 9 fish, you have a 0.09% chance per day to fish a Prismatic Shard out.

It's important to note that if your goal for getting a Prismatic Shard is to impress Haley, don't bother. She's the only villager who doesn't love it.

Rabbit's Foot

This is probably the easiest universally loved gift to get. You can get Rabbit's Foot from Rabbits in your ranch, as long as you make sure to build a good relationship with them by petting them and feeding them daily.

You also have a small (0.8%) chance to get them from Serpents in the Skull Cavern, or you can occasionally buy them from the Traveling Cart.

Before you buy a ton of rabbits, you should know that Penny hates Rabbit's Foot (although everybody else loves it).

Stardew Valley Penny

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