In games like Stardew Valley, one of the most beloved features for players is romancing the NPCs, learning their backstories, and marrying them throughout the game. Progressing your relationship in-game through modern RPGs has become an extremely popular addition to many titles allowing players to roleplay a loving and deep connection with the specific characters who are chosen to allow this sort of interaction.

While not every character is a designated "Bachelor" or "Bachelorette" each marriage candidate within the game does not have gender preferences of the player when deciding who can and can't be married. If you haven't seen all of the marriageable characters within the wonderful game of Stardew Valley, check them all out on the Stardew Valley Fandom wiki by sorting by "Marriageable"! When playing multiplayer with friends or loved ones, you can marry them too!

Stardew Valley Marriage Guide

Who Can You Marry in Stardew Valley

As much as you may want to date Robin or the Wizard, they're unfortunately not part of the dating pool in Stardew Valley (at least if you're playing without mods). Fortunately, you have 12 other eligible bachelors and bachelorettes that you can date instead. The bachelors you can date are Alex, Elliott, Harvey, Sam, Sebastian, and Shane. The bachelorettes you can date are Abigail, Emily, Haley, Leah, Maru, and Penny.

Stardew Valley Marriage Candidates
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How to Date Someone in Stardew Valley

Once you know who you want to marry, you'll have to reach 8 hearts with them. This can easily be achieved by talking to them daily, completing requests from them, or giving them gifts. If you're unsure what gifts they will like, check out our guide on gift giving here.

Relationships with eligible villagers are capped at 8 hearts, and proceeding past that will require you to start dating them. Once you've achieved 8 hearts with your villager of choice, then it's time for you to take the next step with them.

How to Get a Bouquet in Stardew Valley

Pierre will start selling Bouquets for 200 gold once you have 8 hearts with a villager that you can marry. Buy it from his store and give it as a gift to the person you eventually want to marry. The villager you give the bouquet to will happily accept and you two will officially be dating, you can also see that their relationship status has changed from "(single)" to "(boyfriend)" or "(girlfriend)" in the Socials tab.

If you change your mind and you want to date someone else, you can break up with the villager you're currently dating by making a Wilted Bouquet. Simply put a Bouquet in a Furnace with coal, and give the Wilted Bouquet to your boyfriend/girlfriend. This will cause you to break up with them, and your friendship level with them will drop to 5 hearts. Don't worry, you two won't be awkward and you can still talk to them and give them gifts like normal.

Pierre's General Store

How to get the Mermaid Pendant

When you're sure about the villager you're dating, you have to get to 10 hearts with them. Your friendship level with them will be capped at 10 until you propose to them, which you can only do with a Mermaid Pendant.

Before you get one, there are two requirements:

  • You must have upgraded your farmhouse at least once.
  • You must have repaired the bridge at the East side of the Beach.

If those two things are already fulfilled, then you just have to wait for rain. On a rainy day, whether it's natural rain or rain from a Rain Totem, go to the beach and head East past the bridge. Look for the Old Mariner, who will usually be hanging around the top part of the area. Talk to them and he will offer to sell you the Mermaid Pendant for 5,000 gold.

Stardew Valley Mermaid Pendant

How to Marry a Villager in Stardew Valley

This is it, you're finally ready. Buy the Mermaid Pendant and go to your beloved and give it to them. This is your official proposal and once they accept, your wedding will happen in three days.

Pro tip: Before you go to bed the night before your wedding, make sure to change into your wedding outfit because the wedding ceremony will take place as soon as you wake up. You wouldn't want to go to your wedding wearing your farmer's overalls, right?

Married Life

After the ceremony, your partner will officially move in with you. They'll decorate the East-most room in your house according to their hobbies, and they'll also have a dedicated area outside for their hobbies North-East of your farmhouse.

Every now and then, your spouse will either take care of your animals, take care of your crops, or cook you a meal. You can also give them a little kiss by interacting with them after some dialog. Note that the friendship level cap has been raised to 14 with your spouse so you still have a lot more love to give to them.

Stardew Valley Marriage House

How to Have Children in Stardew Valley

After 7 days of being married and having a relationship level with your spouse of at least 10 hearts, if you've already upgraded your house for the second time and you haven't removed the Crib, then there's a 5% chance per night that your spouse will ask you if you want to have kids. If you say yes, then you will have a new baby in 14 days.

How to Divorce in Stardew Valley

Sometimes things don't work out, and that's alright! If you really want to separate from your spouse, then you can go to the Mayor's Manor and at the top left corner there will be two books. One of them will let you spend 50,000 gold to officially file for divorce.

You have until 10pm the day that you file for divorce to cancel, but if you don't cancel before then, your partner, their room, and their outside area will be gone when you wake up. Unlike breaking up with a boyfriend or a girlfriend, divorce will cause your ex-spouse to only have negative dialog with you and they also won't accept any of your gifts.

From there, you can either enjoy the single life, marry another villager, or wipe your ex's memory by going to the Witch's Hut and offering 30,000 gold. If you go with the last option, it'll be like nothing happened and you can proceed to befriend, date, and marry your ex again.

Stardew Valley Divorce

How to Marry Another Player in Stardew Valley Multiplayer

If you're playing Stardew Valley in Multiplayer mode and you want to ask for the other player's hand in marriage, then that's also possible! To do that, you'll need a Wedding Ring (the Mermaid Pendant won't work for this).

On Friday or Sunday, go to Cindersap Forest and visit the Traveling Cart at the North-West area. There you'll be able to buy the recipe for the Wedding Ring for 1,000 gold. Aside from the purchase cost, you'll also have to prepare 5 Iridium Bars and 1 Prismatic Shard to craft the Wedding Ring.

Once crafted, simply gift it to the other Player and once they accept, you'll have a wedding ceremony in 3 days.

Stardew Valley Multiplayer Marriage

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