Valheim is home to some of the greatest modern RPG adventures, with 6 incredible bosses to conquer after the addition of the Mistlands update. These unique bosses are difficult in their own right, with each of them posing their own angle of problems to the player. Fortunately here, we'll talk about all the best strategies for preparing yourself for each of them, and how to take them down without too much of a headache.

Below is every Valheim boss and things to consider when taking them down. Of course the utmost recommendation is the make sure you're playing Valheim multiplayer. Multiplayer in Valheim completely changes the experience and sets a brand new standard for modern RPGs. It also forces many bosses to continually change which player they are currently targeting, which makes every fight exponentially easier.

Valheim Boss Guide Multiplayer
Keep in mind that Valheim difficulty scales with the amount of players too while you play!

Valheim Eikthyr Boss Guide

Eikthyr is the first boss of Valheim and honestly veterans of Valheim could probably punch him to death. This is a bit of an exaggeration, but Eikthyr is supposed to intentionally be every player's first experience with getting a grasp on the game's intricate combat mechanics. To spawn Eikthyr: use 2 Deer Trophies on his Spawn Altar directly, and the boss fight will soon commence.

Any normal low-level weapon should be good enough to fight Eikthyr with even the Torch being an extremely powerful choice for players looking to constantly leave Eikthyr burning. A unique early strategy with Eikthyr is that he releases an aura which prevents rainfall throughout his boss fight, allowing players to keep him burning for the extended length of a Torch's burn damage. Hot hot hot!

Valheim Eikthyr Guide

Valheim the Elder Boss Guide

The Elder is one of the first bosses where having multiple players will put you at an extreme advantage. During your Eikthyr fight, his massive slam attacks will send all nearby players fleeing, but the Elder primarily focuses his attacks on his current target, leaving these opportunities open for your allies to freely join the fight. Continually rotating who is currently holding aggression of the Elder is a great way to juggle everyone's health and stamina properly.

If we couldn't talk up the Torch enough during your Eikthyr boss fight, it's going to be even better here! The Elder is a giant tree, meaning he is weak guessed! A torch's fire damage is going to do massive damage to the Elder, but players who are looking to play it safe may choose to create fire-arrows instead and shoot at him from afar. Do keep in mind that Fire damage does NOT stack between players, so only a single instance of fire damage will tick at a time.

Valheim the Elder Boss Guide
To spawn the Elder: Use an Ancient seed on the Ancient Bowl found in the Black Forest

Valheim Bonemass Boss Guide

Bonemass is a large difficulty spike in the game compared to everything up until this point. The massive health pool this boss has alongside it's ability to spawn additional minions and the already difficult biome adds together to be one of the trickiest bosses in the game. Fortunately, Bonemass is weak to blunt damage, and having a handful of adventurers alongside you will make this fight far easier. Do be aware though each ally in Valheim multiplayer increases enemy damage by 4%!

A confident team of Valheim Vikings may choose to use large AoE clubs such as the Stagbreaker to push back enemies and deal massive blunt damage to the boss at the same time. All in all the best strategy is for all players to be using the highest level club they are able, and a poison-resistance mead. As long as both of these boxes are checked, your Valheim party should have no trouble defeating Bonemass in a handful of minutes.

Valheim Bonemass Guide

Valheim Moder Boss Guide

Of the many Valheim bosses, Moder feels the most RPG-like and makes any player's hair stand straight. Despite this awesome moment within Valheim, Moder is a clunky and easy-to-defeat boss along your journey that can be mostly trivialized by a handful of tricks. Using a hoe, players can lift the ground around them into pillars to avoid Moder's ranged attacks, and to force her into moving awkwardly while she is grounded. This is a perfect opportunity to ranged attack!

While Moder is weak to fire damage (again!), Fire Arrows are among the weakest in the game and will not match the damage output of Obsidian Arrows at this point. If your party chooses to all use different ranged weapons: one player should use Fire arrows to constantly inflict fire damage, another should use Poison arrows to inflict poison, and another should use Obsidian for raw damage output. This will quickly take down Moder as she clumsily navigates her movement.

Valheim Moder Guide

Valheim Yagluth Boss Guide

Yagluth was the "final boss" of Valheim for quite some time before the Mistlands update was finally released, adding the Queen. This title was no joke either, as his damage output is beyond overpowering, even while wearing the highest tier armor the game provides. Even for a group of hardened Vikings truly chosen by Odin, Yagluth will be a difficult boss to defeat no matter the strategy chosen. (Assuming you aren't scamming him entirely by outranging him with bows).

Similar to the Bonemass boss fight, much of defeating Moder also expects the player to use a specific mead in order to significantly reduce the boss' damage output. The mead in question this time is the Fire resistance barley wine, which will protect players from Yagluth's fire-damage attacks. Staying up close to Moder is a good strategy to avoid as many meteors as possible, while still allowing opportunities to deal damage yourself. Another good strategy is to dig underneath his boss stage in order to build a protected hut for players to hide and heal inside.

Valheim Yagluth Boss Guide

Valheim The Queen Boss Guide

The Queen is the newest boss added to Valheim, only added after the long awaited Mistlands update. This boss added another layer of difficulty players had not yet thought possible, with the boss sending players falling down it's tight stair-case arena, and spawning even more enemies that are far more threatening than Bonemass had ever been considered. Not only will a Wisplight and Feather cape be almost required for this fight, a handful of your friends may be as well.

Out of every Valheim boss, The Queen is NOT to be taken lightly. Her attacks are extremely quick, deal heavy damage, and have significant knockback that can send players flying. The most effective strategy at defeating The Queen is playing "Keep Away" and using magical attacks. Continuously clearing out Seeker Broods with melee weapons while running away and firing magic is the safest strategy overall.

Valheim Queen Guide

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