Stardew Valley Fishing is deceptively deep, with unique strategies for players to employ at every stage of the game. Whether you just started a Stardew Valley Coop session with friends, or you're a seasoned solo-veteran, some of the tips below are sure to up your angling game! One thing to keep in mind is that fishing is a lot more fun with friends (similar to real life) so be sure to grab your legally allowed drink of choice, and crack one open with the boys on a Stardew Valley multiplayer server instead of going alone when you can help it!

When fishing in Stardew Valley multiplayer, each player is entitled to their own unique set of each legendary fish in the game as well, further multiplying the value of investing in some great angling equipment! Each of these fish goes for a hefty price and includes a massive Fishing skill experience drop to boot, making them all the more worthwhile for hunting on a multiplayer server versus the usual fishing grind in singleplayer.

Stardew Valley Fishing Rod

Stardew Valley - The Fishing Skill

The first and foremost important thing to talk about in a Stardew Valley fishing guide is the Stardew Valley Fishing Skill. Skills in Stardew Valley vastly change a player's experience with the game, especially so at Profession benchmarks such as the Fishing skill's: Fisher versus Trapper decision. This decision may appear difficult at first, but the obvious decision is Fisher every time. The resource saving of Trapper is incredibly miniscule, and does not apply nearly as often to a player.

In order to train fishing in Stardew Valley, players simply well...catch fish! Catching differing levels of fish provides higher levels of experience depending on the difficulty of the fish as well as the quality! Crab pots provide an insanely low base experience of 5 per catch, making them extremely unreliable ways to train the skill throughout your playthrough, which is why many players will be fishing fish anyway! This consequently makes the Fisher profession much more worthwhile.

Stardew Valley Fishing Level

Stardew Valley Fishing - Treasure Chests

Fishing Treasure chests is among one of the most exciting parts of fishing in Stardew Valley which is both helpful to every player's playthrough, and an integral part of training the skill. Once a player reaches at least level 2 fishing, a world of possibilities open up, allowing extraordinarily small chances at finding some of the rarest items in the game in Fishing Treasure chests in Stardew Valley. Every line you cast is like playing a little lottery, isn't that fun?

Even more importantly, for each time a player successfully reels in a treasure chest alongside the initial fish, their total experience for that catch is more than DOUBLED (multiplied by 2.2) which can stack with other fishing experience multipliers. Once a master angler hits level 10 fishing and unlocks the pirate trait (assuming you chose Fisher as your profession) players can expect to find treasure chests on their line almost 50% of the time! Now's the time to get lucky!

Stardew Valley Fishing Spot

Stardew Valley - The Sashimi Trick

While fishing in Stardew Valley, believe it or not, you'll get a lot of fish. Many of these fish will generally be worth much less than 75 gold, especially if they are of low rarity. The "Sashimi Trick" is to turn all your fish into Sashimi before selling them, due to the Sashimi's base sell price of 75 gold, which is a major increase from most fish. The Stardew Valley Wiki has a great graphic on exactly when to turn each fish into Sashimi, but you'll be able to see the difference as well once you've collected the fish in your Collections log.

Higher rarity fish will sell for significantly more money, especially so once a player has chosen the Fisher profession, so do be careful not to convert any MVP fish into Sashimi. Players may also prefer to hold back a duplicate of each fish for "Help Wanted" quests due to their increased profits, but otherwise the Sashimi Trick is an incredibly potent piece of information for any fisherman early-on in their Stardew Valley coop playthrough.

Stardew Valley When to Sashimi
The Halibut is worth 80 gold, so it would not be worth turning into Sashimi to sell.

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