In Skyrim many players who want to fully embrace all that the incredible game has to offer will experiment with each and every skill the title allows, from the easily interactable combat system, to the casual trading "Speech" skill that players will level by simply trading their items (selling and buying). In the game however, there are several "crafting" skills, such as Smithing, Alchemy, and Enchanting, each of which provide the player with incredibly useful armor, weapons, and potions that can aid their multiplayer party throughout their journey.

Veteran players may know how to do it already, but for those who are either new to the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim scene, or don't know about the Alchemy-Glitch, we'll cover everything required here! Your adventuring party of multiplayer Skyrim will want to gather all the potion-making materials they come across and HORDE THEM ALL! It may require a lot of them to begin this tactic, especially for players who do not have much enchanted gear yet in their playthrough. Let's dive into everything involved, so grab your Alchemy Lab and get cooking!

Skyrim Alchemy Lab

Skyrim - Keep Enchanted Gear

In Skyrim, players will regularly come across gear throughout the game either randomly generated, or intentionally placed by the developers with a plethora of enchantments and additives that make it stand out from the ordinary dagger you'll see on every bedside. These items come with regular enchantments to players skills, with bonuses to Magicka, Stamina, but rarely players will also find items that provide a bonus to Alchemy. These items will regularly read similar to this: "Created potions are 12% more powerful."

Having a multiple of these items will cut back drastically on the amount of Restoration Potions required to get your Enchanting Potion glitch loop going, but as long as you have enough potion ingredients, you'll get there no matter what. Before you get brewing, make sure your Skyrim Together party has all handed over their combined alchemy ingredients to the same alchemist, as only a single person will be able to take advantage of the temporary buffs that will stack higher and higher throughout this next part.

Skyrim Dragon's Reach
Dragon's Reach in Whiterun is usually the player's first encountered Alchemy Table!

How to do the Skyrim Enchanting Potion Glitch

Once you've designated a player in your Skyrim multiplayer party as the alchemist and given them all your alchemy-enchanted gear and ingredients: They must wear the alchemy-enhancing gear and then craft a potion of "Fortify Restoration"; then the Alchemist can drink down their fine potion creation! Next, they must go into their gear-menu and unequip all of their alchemy-enchanted items; DO NOT LEAVE THE MENU. Without leaving the menu, re-equip each piece of alchemy-enhancing gear, and repeat the process until absurdly high numbers ensue.

Once a player has begun to create insanely high levels of Restoration potions, allowing them to create potions of insanely high quality, it is time to apply this master of alchemy to the rest of the game. Players can then create other potions such as Potions of Smithing, Potions of Fortify-Health, and Potions of Enchanting to create items worth millions of gold, player who have millions of health, and other hilarious combinations. For Skyrim players who are yet to attempt this glitch, it is absolutely worth checking out.

Skyrim Enchanter

How to Break Skyrim

Using the Enchanting Potion Glitch, also known as the Fortify Restoration Glitch, players are able to create potions that provide bonuses to stats so astronomically high they can end up breaking the game. Once a player has gotten their Alchemy creation abilities to absurd numbers, they are able to fully manipulate their own Health, Stamina, Magicka, and equipment creation to be anything from 100 to 999999, and if a player chooses to go TOO high, they can even end up with negative numbers due to breaking the game's code itself.

Not only is this a hilarious misuse of the game's mechanics, but when used within the bounds allowed, it can be incredibly fun to create god-level gear such as chest plates, weapons, and potions to really make you feel like an un-killable Dragonborn. Be sure to collect enough of the potion creation materials prior to attempting the Glitch, as running out during the process will require a full restart due to their temporary bonus. Have fun and be sure to create enough for your whole Multiplayer Skyrim party!

Skyrim Together Multiplayer

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