Iron Gate has released another incredible update to Valheim featuring a beloved mechanic by fans, interactable NPCs! This update makes it obvious in the title, with Hildir being the newest edition to the cast of Valheim's small speaking characters. Her addition to the game is accompanied by her encampment which can be found in an extremely similar fashion to the Trader, yet she is found in the Meadows rather than the Black Forest!

Alongside a set of new wares providing players a variety of new options in terms of clothing to identify themselves, Hildir also requires the players to search out her long lost chests for her to fully stock her shop again. These long lost chests will send players on adventurous journeys to different biomes, each with unique minibosses, dungeons, and difficult challenges to face for each. While the rewards are mostly cosmetic, they are extremely fun to complete with friends and are a must-do for Valheim veterans.

Valheim Hildir Camp Spawn Area Example
The red area is an example of where Hildir's camp can be found in terms of distance from the spawn.

Valheim Hildir's Request Public Test

The biggest addition of this update is the changes to the core gameplay added by Hildir's existence in the world of Valheim. Overall this came with a wide variety of clothing purchasable only by the merchant herself, as well as three new biome-specific dungeons that spawn uniquely more difficult enemies and have special generation to match their named mini-bosses lurking in the depths. These mini-bosses awaiting your arrival are:

  • Brenna, the Skeleton Mini-boss in the Black Forest
  • Geirrhafa, the Werewolf Mini-boss in the Mountains
  • Zil of Zil & Thungr, the Goblin/Troll Duo Mini-boss in the Plains

Hildir also brought a handful of non-clothing based items into the game through her shop, with that being the sparklers (everyone's favorite New Years light-ups), straight-up fireworks (because Vikings have that), Iron pits to be used in any sort of at-home fire decorations, and last but not least: The Barber Kit. If your hair or incredible beard has gotten too long after decades of adventure, you can use the Barber Kit to creature the Barber Station and give yourself a trim!

Valheim Hildir Public Test Sealed Tower
Can you brave the Sealed Tower Dungeon, in the Plains?

Valheim World Modifiers

Remember when Jonathan Smårs ("Lead Tinkerer" for Valheim) posted on Twitter a teaser showing off all the incredible new World Modifiers players can add to change the complexity of their Valheim worlds? They're finally fully in the game! These additions allow players to completely change their worlds to suite their playstyle, as well as adjust for how their party prefers to tackle this upcoming playthrough! Thinking of building something to submit for Valheim's community builds, so you don't want monsters pestering you? Go with Hammer Mode!

Valheim veterans will have a brand new reason to return to the game with their Viking parties to tackle the brand new challenge that is "Immersive Mode" as well, depriving players of their map and access to portals entirely. Besides the portal access (which seems like more of a hassle than anything) this seems like a real fun challenge for any friend group!

Valheim New Hairstyles and Beard..styles?

Alongside the addition of Hildir's Barber Kit, and the consequential creation of the Barber Station, Iron Gate Studio had to add at least a few more hairstyles to go along with this update...and that they did! This incredible fashion-filled update adds a whopping 8 new hairstyles, 5 new beard-styles (if that's a thing), and 4 brand new music tracks to rock out to while you trim!

These music tracks actually play at some of the newest locations added in the update, including the newest dungeons and Hildir's encampment, but are absolutely spectacular pieces of music, so definitely check them out. The update also allows the newest hairstyles to be seen while wearing equipped helmets and gear, making them even more valuable choices despite what you're wearing!

Valheim Hildir's Request Hairstyles

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