Comfort in Valheim is a nearly invisible stat that players will come across as they expand their Valheim base and grow their collection of in-game furniture. Players familiar with the Darksouls genre of games will understand how vitally important it is for players to quickly regain their stamina during combat and both Comfort and the Rested buff contribute to this in tandem. The Valheim wiki can be confusing with it's large text-based guide, so here is our simple comfort guide!

In order to dive into Valheim Comfort Levels, we first have to cover the meaning of the Rested buff. As players relax at home under the effects of "Comfort," 20 uninterrupted seconds of player relaxation will result in a "Rested" buff that lasts for 7 minutes + an additional minute for each level of Comfort that applied that Rested buff. As an example, if you rest beside a simple Campfire underneath a roof, a simple Campfire provides 1 comfort, and being underneath a roof provides 2 Comfort for a total of 3. 7 + 3 = 10 minutes of total Rested Buff.

Valheim Comfort Wrong
This is how players look who don't understand the comfort buff in Valheim!

Valheim Comfort Furniture Stacking

While there is many decorative building options in Valheim, especially after the Hearth and Home update, many of them only provide their occurrence of the Comfort addition once, making multiple additions of them purely cosmetic. An example of this is that every Valheim player "Comfort Room" should feature a Banner of some kind, but multiple banners do not apply reoccurring instances of their comfort additions.

Alongside this mantra, players will find that some items within each category of furniture provide a higher quality of comfort than others, making them the desired choice when building a Valheim Comfort-dedicated room. Players will want to keep this in mind as to not stack duplicate comfort items such as tables where a higher-tier table disqualifies the comfort provided by alternatives. The same goes for all versions of the campfire, which is completely outclassed by the Hearth.

Valheim Furniture Comfort Stacking
As you can see here, these two tables don't provide double the comfort bonus, so only use the best one!

Valheim Comfort Room Strategy

Comfort in Valheim is generated by each furniture item having a limited range of 10 meters, so while many players tend to create their Mansion in Valheim extremely large with a multitude of rooms, this strategy can actually lead to spreading out many of the required items for stacking comfort levels and leading to a less optimized Comfort level for your multiplayer party than at maximum possible.

The best strategy is to create a "Player Bedroom" or a "Valheim Comfort Dedicated Room" where your multiplayer party can relax prior to your next adventure that features one of each of the comfort-providing furniture in order to stack that room's comfort level as high as possible. If players choose to place their beds in this room, a single night spent in this room as well will fully provide every player the Rested Buff, with their Maximum level of Comfort applied.

But which furniture exactly should be in said "Valheim Comfort" room?

Best Valheim Comfort Furniture
Here is everything you need to know about Valheim Comfort, all in one picture!

Valheim Best Use of Comfort

While the previous graphic displays the best furniture of each type in the game of Valheim players will not be able to access much of the highest tier of comfort furniture for a large majority of the game, meaning they'll need to use lower-tier alternatives in the meantime. For an example, instead of using the Dragon Bed, players can opt for a normal bed; or instead of the Hearth, players can much easier opt for the lower level campfire.

Comfort is an often overlooked mechanic of Valheim as veteran players of Darksouls genre-type games may forgo the more role-play aspects of Valheim such as decorating their base to the fullest extent. This however is fully rewarded with Valheim's comfort system, providing the Comfort level-buff to players and significantly increasing the duration of their "Rested" buff whenever leaving the home. For players who have experience in both Valheim and souls-likes, the Rested buff is by far the OP buff a character can have in Valheim.

 Valheim Comfort House
Using one of everything...can be extremely stylish as well!

Why the Rested Buff is so OP in Valheim

The Rested buff visually in-game applies two of the most broken additions for any player looking to participate in combat. 50% bonus Health Regen, and 100% Bonus Stamina Regen. Due to how combat functions in souls-like titles, this 100% bonus to Stamina Regen means two things:

  • A TWO TIMES INCREASE in a player's survivability, due to blocking, dodging, and running capabilities.
  • And a TWO TIMES INCREASE in a player's potential damage output, due to light attacks, heavy attacks, and stringing a bow all requiring stamina.

If this wasn't enough, a player's survivability is increased additionally by Health regeneration being increased by 50%, adding significantly to a game where players regen health extremely slowly.

Valheim Comfort is even more OP because of a hidden mechanic within the Rested Buff. While Rested, all players gain 50% bonus experience, making learning skills significantly faster in a game that significantly rewards players with trained abilities. Due to deaths losing skill levels as well, this bonus experience can lead to quick recovery after death, or getting extremely high skill levels in commonplace tasks such as Woodcutting or Running. Now you know, don't let your Valheim multiplayer server sleep on Comfort. Ahhh you get it.

Valheim Comfort Level Rest Room

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