Valheim is a game about exploring a vast open world with friends and family. Either by foot or by sea, this trip is a memorable one due to the lands you'll encounter and enemies you'll face. The game further encourages this travel by allowing teleport portals to be setup all across the map, connecting your travels with convenient portals.

One problem though, is the way metal is handled. Metal can't be brought between portals, meaning your party will have to carry all they can the entire way home. What if, home wasn't a teleport portal away though?

Valheim Multiplayer Server Seed

Valheim Seed: Ashland

With the upcoming Ashlands soon to release, players are on the edge of their seat begging for the next update. This seed prays upon that good faith and rewards your Viking spirit with an incredible boss spawn of all three mid-late game bosses directly next to each other one by one. The chances that all three bosses like this all spawn on the same compact island is extremely small, making this the perfect place to set up shop. No more lugging ore around on a boat or over massive distances this playthrough!

After you quickly fell Eikthyr with spears (or even fists if you're that good) craft a small log boat to drift over to the Elder island so you can setup your long-term base. This base will be important as it will last your multiplayer Viking party the next FOUR bosses, which is as optimized as you get can in terms of placement. The Queen is quite a boat-ride away, but by then you'll have plenty of resources to set up a teleport portal when you get there.

Valheim Seed: iCq3EHpzva

Now our expectations have to drop a bit after the last seed, because many seeds just can not match the sheer perfection of New Valheim. Still, a good title for this seed would be Smart Spawn. Any map where the merchant is on the starting island is an absolute lucky seed, and this one even has plenty of skeleton dungeons all over the island to loot for gold.

Once you've got yourself equipped and nicely fed with fish from fishing (after purchasing the rod from the Trader), head off to fight each of the first 4 bosses, all situated close to spawn.

Valheim Easy Seed
Thanks to reddit user want_chocolate for their Valheim seed donation!

Valheim Seed: AH8ksLHAuq

A great name for this seed would be Valheim Traditional. Spawning in a meadows forest filled with Eikthyr spawns and not much else, you'll need to make a simple raft to travel to even the Elder in the next area. Fortunately it's not a far ride and an equally short detour permanently unlocks the trader, incredibly close to spawn! Prepare for a playthrough with friends filled with adventure and exploration on the ocean, as you'll need to be travelling across the sea quite a lot with this seed.

Valheim Close Trader Seed

Valheim Seed: Shockbyte

This seed isn't perfect, but which ever is? This seed does however have access to half the bosses in the entire game from the comfort of not only the first island, but comfortable biomes, such as the Black Forest, Meadows, and Mountains. Seeds can be made or broken by plains being a regular area of travel for players, and they are almost non-existent in the awesome Shockbyte seed!

Valheim Easy Seed
Hey, if nothing else it's true to its name....easy and convenient!

Valheim Seed: Moder

The iconic boss Moder blesses your world with his name in this seed, placing many of the early-game bosses extremely close to spawn and making the spawn island stretch out all the way to the Trader. You will only be required to head south throughout the game in this seed, with all of the progression being southward. Just out of view the Queen lies in wait to the bottom left of the map. At least you won't be travelling all over?

Valheim Moder Seed

Valheim Seed: SuperSeed

The SuperSeed Seed in Valheim is exactly as expected. a SUPER-SEED! This seed may well be the closest recorded seed to a trader in Valheim history. Not only is the spawn within a 2 minute walk from the Trader, but you can leisurely fight both Eikthyr and the Elder without so much as a brisk run between them. This seed is an incredible start, and should set you up nicely to begin your boat journey towards all the other bosses.

Valheim Seed: OnlyBosses

While not everything is as close as many other seeds in this list, you won't be traveling nearly as far to fight all of the individual bosses in the game. Veteran Valheim players can build their "bossing raft" and travel from one island to the next to defeat each unique boss, sometimes more! As a bonus reward for defeating the Elder, the Trader will be thanking you for saving him!

Valheim Bosses Seed

Valheim Seed: CuteHome

Not all Valheim players are looking for thrilling experiences, boss fights, armor upgrades, or crazy weapons. After the Valheim Hearth and Home Update plenty of players may be interested in settling down in the meadows full of adorable animals, a cute farm, and a cozy home. Using the seed CuteHome, players will be enticed to do just that: with an incredibly peaceful seed, not a single dangerous biome in sight, and plenty of beehives for all your farming needs.

Valheim Peaceful Seed

Valheim Seed: HardWorld

Ironically the seed HardWorld appears like a very convenient world! Using this seed, look forward to seeing the Trader on your spawn island, right next to the first four bosses being extremely close too. You've been able to easily setup shop for all four bosses right next to the Trader and have a very helpful base location for much of the game up until traveling south to face Yagluth. Once Yagluth is defeated you beat the game! Haha...haha....The only Queen spawn locations are...quite far West or North East...

Valheim Best Seeds

Valheim Seed: PlsBossNow

One of the best seeds of all, Please Boss Now (or PlsBossNow for short). This seeds starts you out on Eikthyr island directly next to the most important island of the entire playthrough where you'll be: fighting Bonemass, The Elder, Moder, trading with the Trader, and making preparations for Yagluth. This is an absolutely incredible spawn making for a very useful creation of a Rest-buff house. This buff will be immensely helpful and should last through almost every major boss fight.

Travel to the edge of the world to the west to encounter the Mistlands with the Queen and your final challenge of this update to Valheim.

Best Valheim Seed

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