Dive into the darkness and embrace the essence of immortality in V Rising, where every choice shapes your destiny in a Vampire Survival Action RPG adventure unlike any other. Awaken from centuries-long slumber as a Vampire, thirsting for blood to reclaim your strength under the eternal moonlight. Navigate the Gothic Open-World, brimming with mythical terrors and treasures, as you rebuild your castle and forge an empire of the night. Call upon your Vampiric forces (or real life friends) to join you in your returned Ascension to the throne.

Fear the light, rule the night, and master the art of survival in a world pulsating with conflict and opportunity. Whether you soar solo or forge alliances, seize your fate, defy Dracula, and etch your legacy into the annals of Vardoran's dark history. Welcome to the nocturnal realm where the townsfolk bows to your will and the night is yours to command. V Rising features rich PvE and PvP game modes for players who enjoy both titles such as Valheim and Rust.

Vrising Update 1.0

Full Release - Full of New Content

As the moon waxes full over the realm of Vardoran, the darkness stirs with anticipation as whispers of new horrors emerge. Brace yourselves for an influx of thrilling content, including the spine-chilling addition of a new spider form, allowing players to weave their own intricate webs of death. While this is the only form we have been officially teased, likely many new transformations will be included in this update as well.

Prepare to confront formidable new bosses, each more formidable than the last, as you journey deeper into the heart of the main plot, inching closer to the legendary Dracula himself. But that's not all - the darkness grows richer with the unveiling of a premium Castlevania DLC skinpack, inviting players to adorn themselves with iconic attire inspired by the timeless gothic saga. Embrace the shadows, for the night is stirring with promise and peril in V Rising's 1.0 Update.

Vrising Boss Update Full Release

Unique Combat Revolutionizing the Survival Genre

Fans of the Stunlock Studios library of titles recognize the combat mechanics of V Rising as the ever-familiar style to that of their other title "Battlerite". These combat mechanics make not only for incredible boss-fighting and PvE situations for players but also allow for unprecedented exchanges in the PvP atmosphere of V Rising. Carefully aiming your attacks, timing your cooldowns, and knowing your limits defines your playstyle across both Battlerite and V Rising and keeps players constantly coming back.

If you're yet to try this combat gameplay, you're in for an absolute treat on the full launch of V Rising. In addition to the combat of Battlerite, many of the base-raiding mechanics of Rust are present, although with a unique twist that is especially relevant for the gothic-landscape of Vardoran. Construct your Seige golems and lay waste to opposing vampires who think to rival your new domain as you rise to the one and only arch-demon!

V Rising Update, 'Brutal' New V Rising Servers

One of the newest game modes coming to the V Rising 1.0 update is the addition of the "Brutal" difficulty that can be enabled on player servers. This new difficulty looks to make the game harder than ever before by making enemies stronger, take less damage, and even surprise veteran players with brand new attacks. The brutal difficulty will make for an incredible new experience to enjoy in both PvE and PvP servers, adding a huge new layer of consideration when approaching enemies at night.

Players will need to prepare far more in advance for boss fights, looking to bring their best gear possible and to be as equipped as much as available prior to attempting the next boss up. Bosses will be far more 'devastating' according the Stunlock Studio developers, giving a great reason for players who have beaten the game up until now a reason to return for a brand new playthrough. Grab your raiding party, choose your favorite class among your friends, and ascend to your true vampiric form in the V Rising 1.0 update!

Most likely a sneak peak at Dracula himself- the brand new boss of the Valheim Update.

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