In a moment that caught many by surprise, the Minecraft team has announced the arrival of Minecraft 1.21, duly named the Tricky Trials update. Following the recent excitement of the Armored Paws update, this new installment promises an array of fresh adventures and content, elevating the Minecraft experience to unprecedented heights. Let's delve into what Tricky Trials has in store for players.

If you missed some of the snapshots and smaller additions leading up to this update, there has been plenty in store such as Armadillos from the Mob vote to dress and protect your wolves, brand new wolf skins, and plenty more pupper pampering that you can read about in our full blog post here! The upcoming Tricky Trials update however is sure to be one that leaves a lasting impression on the history of Minecraft forever due to automated crafting and brand new mechanics.

Minecraft Armored Paws

Trial Chambers: The Heart of the Challenge

At the heart of the Tricky Trials update lies the mysterious Trial Chambers. These imposing structures, clad in copper, serve as arenas of challenge, each containing a variety of rooms brimming with adversaries eager to test your skills. It's a realm of danger and opportunity, where only the most courageous dare to venture. Within a grand new structure are rooms filled to the brim with not only naturally spawning enemies, but a variety of mob spawners, and raw chests with randomly generated loot inside. Teasers have shown even diamond chestplates found inside!

Deeper within these perilous depths are trial blocks that look extremely similar to normal mob spawners. Players who stick around to defeat the waves of enemies that appear around these 'trial blocks' will be rewarded with emeralds and other monetary rewards as a benefit to fighting the enemies rather than destruction of the spawner. Gamers who love combat aspects of roleplaying games will love the addition of the Trial Chambers as this is the perfect opportunity to flex your PvE muscles!

Minecraft Trial Chambers

The Mace: A Formidable Weapon Emerges

Within the trials awaits the legendary Mace, a weapon of unparalleled strength poised to revolutionize combat in Minecraft. Everyone knows after over a decade of Minecraft that as players are falling, when they attack they will perform a *critical* attack! The mace takes this core concept and builds on it by scaling a player's damage directly by how FAR that player has actually fallen and increasing the damage proportionally. Not only this- but if you successfully land the falling critical with a Mace, your fall damage will be nullified!

Couple this with the brand new Wind-Charge and players can blast into the air, sending themselves flying and smashing down on their enemies with massive damage, yet taking none in return. As stated by the Minecraft team, it's been nearly 6 years, but Minecraft is now officially adding a brand new weapon to the game.

Minecraft Mace

Encounters with New Foes: The Breeze and Bogged

Prepare to confront new adversaries in the form of the elusive Breeze and the fearsome Bogged. These cunning creatures both add new layers to their respective areas, with the Breeze plaguing the depths of the Trial Chambers and the Bogged being a brand new type of skeleton within the Swamp. The Breeze does not do much damage on it's own but is sure to make taking on groups of enemies within the Trial Chambers a much more difficult challenge.

In addition, players familiar with the Snow-variant of Skeletons called "Strays" will be far more familiar with the addition of the new mob, "The Bogged". While "Stray" skeletons always fire "slow-tipped" arrows due to their snow-infused nature, Bogged skeletons fire poison-tipped arrows, likely due to their deathly aura emitted from the swamp. The addition of mobs like these brings Minecraft closer and closer to a true fantasy roleplaying game each update!

The Full Minecraft Update Features List:

Tricky Trials doesn't merely introduce Trial Chambers and the Mace; it also brings forth a wealth of additional features to enrich the Minecraft experience:

Minecraft Tricky Trials
  • Trial Spawner: Reward yourself for combat trials with emeralds and more!
  • The Crafter: For the first time ever- AUTOMATED crafting can begin!
  • The Vault: Unlocked with Trial Chamber keys for bonus combat loot!
  • Wind Charge: Harness the power of the elements for movement effects!
  • Tuff Blocks: Expand your building repertoire with the addition of new blocks!
  • Armor Trims: New armor trims likely within the Trial Chambers and more!

And More! From decorative copper to new enchantments and potion effects, the Tricky Trials Minecraft Update offers something for every player.

Prepare for the Ultimate Challenge

As the release of Minecraft Update 1.21 approaches, excitement mounts for the trials and triumphs that await. Stay tuned for in-depth coverage of each new feature, and be sure to visit our website for the latest updates and insights into the world of Minecraft. Grab your usual Minecraft crew and prepare to hop back into your usual Minecraft server with friends for the Minecraft Tricky Trials Update!

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