Gaming has completely shifted focus over the course of the last decade with even some of the most iconic titles and well known series becoming larger than the singleplayer icons of centuries due to their multiplayer components. Minecraft, released in 2011, has become an unforeseen hit whose audience simply is unwavering in it's dedication to multiplayer gaming and is continually hosting Minecraft servers to play completely brand new experiences together on. Multiplayer titles such as Minecraft and Elden Ring have exploded in popular, overtaking even singleplayer AAA titles such as Legend of Zelda.

Gaming is heavily invested into each year by companies and consumers alike as the taboo fades into the past. Gaming is no longer something that "nerds" do or rather, everyone now realizes being a "nerd" is awesome! Omdia predicted that in 2022, consumers would spend over 179 billion dollars on gaming, making it one of the biggest entertainment industries on the planet. This massive spending extends directly into one of the biggest markets within gaming itself: the multiplayer gaming sector. In 2022 alone, ten billion dollars in tech-related spending from gaming companies was spent solely for multiplayer services.

Multiplayer Gaming Minecraft Village
If you're only into singleplayer that's fine too, but consider the health benefits of multiplayer gaming!

DDOS In Gaming

While playing online, especially in situations where money/fame may be involved such as online tournaments or speed running settings, evil lurks around every corner. Many content creators may experience infamous hacker groups destroying their community Minecraft servers even days after establishing them simply due to a lack of online protections and obvious vulnerabilities. Even some major companies experience this, such as Jagex, who had to face tough situations after servers were completely taken offline due to rampant DDoS-ing. Trusting a reliable server host such as OVHcloud and Shockbyte protects yourself and your players online.

DDOS has become such a prevalent issue in modern gaming that online Esports has seen it's relevancy appearing in targeted attacks on individual's homes rather than even gameplay servers. The creators of the internet most likely had never thought that the protection of an individual's IP address would become as important as it has throughout a unique entertainment industry such as gaming. While there are many programs to prevent damage inflicted by these attacks, it is most important to retain the gameplay quality of ALL players on the overarching game server by decentralizing the server hosting process to a professional host.

Multiplayer Gaming DDOSing
Just as the Iron Golem protects Villages, OVHcloud's DDOS protection protects players on Shockbyte servers.

Video Game Server Hosting for Communities

DDOS protection is an invaluable asset to both well known brand-gaming companies all the way down to smaller streaming communities, serving as an important barrier against evils of the gaming community looking to ruin the space for others. Fortunately for users of Shockbyte, OVHcloud provides state-of-the-art, reliable bare-metal servers, perfect and affordable, with built-in DDOS protection ensuring a complete uninterrupted gaming experience for any event. Servers of this strength and flexibility allow Shockbyte to provide the best quality to streamers and communities of all sizes.

Shockbyte has a wide range of content creator partners, with a specific "NurseVO" who had been creating content since 2016 gaining significant traction in 2021-2022. NurseVO, or simply "Nurse," had an explosive growth of her community, going from 80k subscribers on YouTube, to 200,000 in less than a year. While partnered with Shockbyte, Nurse has had to expand the size of her community servers multiple times to accommodate this growth, and it's only with reliable server hosting that content creators have this opportunity.

Project Zomboid Community Server

Gaming Entrepreneurship of Servers

Many players who grew up playing on popular multiplayer servers (whether that be Hypixel on Minecraft, or community servers on Battlefield, Call of Duty, or any other online multiplayer title) will find themselves in a position of imposter syndrome. "There's no way I could achieve and host something as spectacular as something I played on as a kid!" You absolutely can. Server hosts have complete flexibility using Shockbyte's panel and OVHcloud's unrelenting servers to create whatever gameplay hub they can possibly imagine. As long as you can create something unique and fun, it will draw players, and it CAN be profitable.

Hypixel as an example, is one of, if not the biggest Minecraft server of all time. Hypixel alone has broken numerous Guinness World Records including the "Most Popular Independent Server for a Video Game" award, something that gamers decades ago couldn't have even imagined existing. This type of server is no stranger to professional server hosting services however, as this is exactly the model anyone can setup and immediately become an entrepreneur with a partner like Shockbyte. With flexible plans to adjust as your player communities grow, there is infinite opportunities for scalability.

Minecraft Server Hosting Options Scalability

The Importance of Reliable Servers and Blockchain Gaming

Almost every kid growing up playing games nowadays dreams of making money while playing games. Life as simple as doing your exact hobby and making a livable income is a dream for many people around the world, driving players to esports internationally. While becoming a full-time professional gamer is extremely difficult, whether it be as an entertainer or a skilled performer, making a livable income while playing games is quickly not. Cryptocurrency is on the rise in almost every aspect of life and the gaming sphere is no different, spawning games based entirely around the decentralized currency lifestyle.

Dr. Disrespect, one of the most well known streamers across a multitude of platforms, originally Twitch, and now on Youtube, joined in collaboration with Midnight Society to create one of the most ambitious blockchain games of all time. The duo's multiplayer title mixes elements of NFTs and extraction shooters, leading to one of the most well known upcoming NFT games on the market. Due to the Doc's official endorsement, thousands of players are eager to get their hands on the new (and valuable) in-game items, requiring not only massive amounts of server upscaling flexibility, but also an extreme emphasis of DDOS protection and anti-cheat for every player involved. With real money on the line due to the NFT nature of the game, both communities and entrepreneurs will be relying on the team's multiplayer server reliability.

Doctor Disrespect Deadrop
(Image Credit: Midnight Society / Deadrop)

Why Choose Server Hosting for Multiplayer Gaming

A lot of stigma is attached to server hosting, especially in the gaming industry, stemming from a lack of understanding. While nearly every regular multiplayer gamer has enjoyed a publicly hosted server before in some capacity, they may have never understood that a kind Samaritan had actually hosted the server, whether it be an individual gamer or the game publisher themselves. Hosting a server yourself may appear scary, as subscription services for nontangible items can make anyone hesitant, but the overwhelming customization of your gaming experience is well worth it for anyone looking to experience multiplayer like never before.

One thing is clear however: not everyone has the capabilities to host a multiplayer server on their own, nor would they want to as customization options simply don't come close to those provided by OVHcloud and Shockbyte. With streamlined processes of Shockbyte's panel, a helpful support team, and the worldwide reliable hardware of OVHcloud, gamers are getting the absolute best experience here no matter their technical experience.

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