In Palworld, Grizzbolt will be one of the very first boss fights you partake in within the Rayne Syndicate tower against Pal trainer Zoe. Due to this, a lot of players may be wondering how to catch the giant Electric-type Pal, how to breed them, as well as simply where to find them. Stay tuned as we've compiled a guide for all the brand new Palworld players looking to get their hands on this iconic Pal!

Zoe and Grizzbolt

Where Do you find Grizzbolt in Palworld?

The first time you'll encounter Grizzbolt is at the Rayne Syndicate Tower while facing off against Zoe. However, you won't be able to catch Grizzbolt here. Despite being introduced early in the game, Grizzbolt is actually quite difficult to find as it only spawns in one location across the entire map.

So where can you find it? Grizzbolt can be located in Wildlife Sanctuary 1, which is south of the Plateau of Beginnings in the ocean. Because it's far out at sea, it's best to use a flying mount or a Pal that can swim to reach it. However, if your stamina is high enough, you may also be able to physically glide or swim to it.

Flying in Palworld

How to catch Grizzbolt in Palworld

However, knowing where to find Grizzbolt is just the beginning of the challenge, as there are a few obstacles to overcome before you can catch it. As mentioned earlier, using a flying mount is highly recommended, especially since Grizzbolt doesn't always spawn, requiring you to leave and re-enter the area multiple times. This makes flying the most practical option. Additionally, trespassing into the Pal Sanctuary is forbidden, and if you're caught by a guard on the island, you'll receive a wanted level.

Now, to actually catch Grizzbolt, firstly you’re gonna want to warp to the Sea Breeze Archipelago Castaway Beach fast travel point. Then, from the beach's shore, get on a flying or swimming mount and go to the spot on screen now. When you’ve arrived at Wildlife Sanctuary 1, have a quick look around the general area to see if Grizzbolt has spawned. If it hasn’t you’re going to quickly want to leave and re-enter the area; continue to do this until Grizzbolt has spawned. Since it is weak to Ground-type attacks, you’ll want to bring along either Dumud, Digtoise, Fuddler or Rushoar.


When you’ve got Grizzbolt’s health down to 10% or lower, immediately withdraw your Pal from the battle so it doesn’t accidentally knock out Grizzbolt. Now, you’ll want to throw as many Giga Spheres at it until you catch the Pal.

Palworld Wildlife Sanctuary

How to Breed Grizzbolt in Palworld

If you’d prefer to breed Grizzbolt instead (rather than hunting one down and capturing it), there are only 2 breeding combinations that can make the Electric-type pal. One of one which is obviously two Grizzbolts, however, you can also breed a Mossanda and Rayhound together to get a Grizzbolt.

Using you can also essentially calculate what types of Pals will be created as a result of breeding. We highly recommend checking that out here! It is extremely useful for when players are trying to create duplicates of their Pal, or for finding that one-special Grizzbolt with all the best passives!

Palworld Breeding

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