Minecraft's most recent 1.20.5 snapchat of 24w10a includes a massive, long-time coming update to wolves that the player-community is going to love for years to come. Brand new breeds! This update has not only added several new skins to wolves in Minecraft separating each one distinctly from each other based on the biome they are intended to be found in, but they also have different behaviors, and spawn conditions! The Mojang team really took the opportunity to focus on everyone's favorite best friend in Minecraft!

With the addition of the Armadillo to add dog-armor, this update comes at a perfect time and makes your canine companion the perfect customizable pet for any adventure. Not only are there now a unique 9 different breeds but the format for taming them has remained the same as traditional Minecraft. These in-game breeds look so cool, we at Shockbyte will be covering not only their new unique update but what real life animals they are based on as well below!

Minecraft Spotted Wolf

Minecraft Spotted Wolves - Painted Dogs

Interestingly, one of the newest skins entered into Minecraft displays the well known "Painted Dog". This animal is known for being both one of the most fearsome canine animals on the planet in the wild, while simultaneously being currently an endangered species across the globe. Just like real life, Minecraft's depiction allows the "Spotted Wolves" to spawn with around 4 to 6 in their pack and they travel in groups, hunting all passive animals ruthlessly on sight. This scary pupper can be found in the savanna plateau biome!

Minecraft Pal Wolf

Minecraft Pale Wolves - Gray Wolf

The good ol' reliable pup that we're all used to here in Minecraft is now known as the "Pale Wolf" sporting a generally white coat with iconic coloring and a small pack size. These wolves are generally only found in groups of 2-4 in Minecraft and can be now found most commonly in the Taiga biome. The 'Pale Wolf' is most likely based on the real life common species of wolf considered the "Gray Wolf" which encompasses many other subspecies of wolves as well. It's Artic brother is one that snuck it's way into this update as well!

Minecraft Hyena Wolf

Minecraft Striped Wolves - Hyenas/Aardwolves

Another of the most social wolves released in this snapshot is the Hyena, also known as the Aardwolf. This skin is found in the badlands biome in Minecraft and is regularly found in packs of anywhere from 4 to 6 at a time. In Minecraft specifically this wolf skin is known as the "Striped Wolf" and looks extremely close to it's real life counterpart. The team behind this addition has really done a great job at both making these skins adorable but also realistic in nature.

Minecraft Rusty Wolf

Minecraft Rusty Wolves - Maned Wolf

Maned Wolves are the real-life equivalent to Minecraft's 'Rusty Wolf' skin, and while their coat is a slightly darker color in game, their habitat and overall likeness appear appropriate! Both the Maned Wolf and 'Rusty Wolves' are social creatures that have smaller-medium sized packs of 2 to 3 in size and both creatures live in jungle biomes. This skin is slightly harder to peg down but appears appropriate as both animals prefer hunting smaller mammals such as rodents and rabbits.

Minecraft Black Wolves

Minecraft Black Wolves - Black Wolf

If you would believe it, the Black Wolves in Minecraft are actually based on the real life animal...also called Black Wolves! These black wolves in real life are a subspecies of the Gray Wolf with much darker hair that allows them to blend into the darkness of night! Similar to our furry friend in Minecraft, Black Wolves in real life are found around 60% of the time or more in densely wooded areas which is appropriate as they are found in the Pine Taiga biome within Minecraft.

Minecraft Ashen Wolves

Minecraft Ashen Wolves - Great Plains Wolf

As with many other wolves in this list, the Great Plains wolf is another subspecies of the ever-popular Gray Wolf. The Great Plains wolf is most likely the real life equivalent to the Minecraft Ashen Wolf due to it's multicolored coat, with hues of black and white, and habitat preference for the Snowy Taiga. One unique feature of the Great Plains wolf however that hasn't translated over is it's legends that have told of these wolves being able to take down entire bison on their own!

Minecraft Woods Wolf

Minecraft Woods Wolf - The Mexican Wolf

The 'Woods Wolf' in Minecraft is most likely based on the real life "Mexican Wolf" also known as "Lobo", which share extremely similar fur coat patterns and colors. Again like many other on this list it is closely related to the Gray wolf in origin, however their habitat favors wooded areas making them a perfect match for our Minecraft counterpart which is found in the Forest biome. The Mexican Wolf has also been found to have evolved from several generations of wolf-cross breeding with coyotes.

Minecraft Chestnut Wolf

Minecraft Chestnut Wolf - Golden Jackals

Now this may be a controversial decision, but based on the Golden Jackal's similar habitat, fur, and features, they appear the most appropriate comparison for the 'Chestnut Wolf' skin. This however proposes a new problem: Jackals aren't technically wolves. Fortunately in this circumstance, the Golden Jackal is actual among the closest related Jackals to the species of Wolves and Coyotes, but it does propose a unique fact about this specific 'old growth spruce taiga' puppy.

Minecraft Snowy Wolf

Minecraft Snowy Wolf - The Artic Wolf

The Snowy Wolf is undeniably the Artic Wolf counterpart within Minecraft, not only due to their perfect visual match, but their preferred location and behavior. The Snowy Wolf within Minecraft is an extremely rare find which can only be found within "Snowy Groves" or Snowy Slopes biomes. Similar to it's Artic Wolf lookalike, they are extremely stealthy in their natural habitat, blending in well with their snowy backdrop. In Minecraft, they also function as a Lone Wolf, only ever spawning in a pack of one.

Minecraft Wolves Snapshot
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