Among the cutest mobs IN Minecraft (alongside Goats and Polar Bears), is the elusive Minecraft Frog! This hoppity amphibian has drawn a lot of attention from the community since their release and their iconic center-stage role in the Minecraft LIVE trailer for 2022! The mob is incredibly unique in that it is a completely neutral mob and poses (almost) zero threat to any other mobs in the game besides it's initial release where Frogs were accidentally eating Goats whole.

Frogs in Minecraft have been a great addition though, adding life to the otherwise barren swamp biome and further uses to slime besides the creation of Sticky-Pistons. Frogs are also part of Minecraft's continued world-building updates, adding plenty of interactable mobs and NPCs into the game that add both realism as well as fun creatures for players to interact with along their journey. What exactly do Minecraft Frogs do though?

Minecraft Frog Details

Minecraft Frog Details

What do Minecraft Frogs drop when killed? Nothing. Regret probably. How dare you have laid a hand on something as precious as these innocent amphibians. On the other hand though, frogs don't attack any other mobs either BESIDES Slimes. Slimes are the one mob that frogs will actually attack and they'll eat them whole! Well, they will only eat the smaller slimes whole after they've been broken down from their largest variant.

If you wrangle a frog over to a normal slime after you've broken it down, for each little slime it eats, it will guarantee the drop of a slime ball. This is a much better way to guarantee a solid amount of slimeball drops from slimes if you plan on going on a slime hunt. Alternatively, if you bring a frog with you into the Nether and have it eat a magma-cube, each unique Frog breed will drop a "Froglight" which are super rare luminescent blocks players can flex in their house.

Minecraft Froglight Colors

Minecraft Frog Breeding

Frog breeding in Minecraft is also unlike many other mobs due to their amphibian nature and requirement for water. Frogs in Minecraft can swim, walk on land, and jump up to 8 blocks into the air, giving them the highest flexibility of almost all mobs in Minecraft, but unlike other breedable creatures that will reproduce on the spot, Frogs must lay their eggs in nearby water.

When frogs have laid their eggs in nearby water, it will eventually grow into tadpoles, and then into frogs. The frog type that is grown is entirely based on the biome that it's eggs were laid in rather than the breed of it's parents, also separating frogs from the similarities of other mobs. In order to grow one type of frog, you'll need to grow Frogspawn in a Mangrove swamp, then for the second type of frog it will need to be in a normal swamp, and finally in any "cold" biome.

Minecraft Frog Breeding Type Guide
Everything you need to know about Minecraft Frog Breeding in one image, voila!

Minecraft Frog Facts

As Minecraft likes to keep things in the game as close to their real-life counterparts as possible: frog AI is very similar to frogs in real life as well, generally choosing to stay in high-up places when possible. Frogs will usually choose to jump to Lilly pads and big dripleaves as a priority as well as choosing to jump upward and swim up when underwater.

Players are able to lure frogs anywhere with slimeballs (due to it being their breeding item) including underwater, but no matter how long frogs stay underwater, they cannot take drowning damage. Players receive 1-7 experience from breeding frogs, whereas they only receive 1-3 for killing them, FURTHER de-incentivizing players from being heartless monsters.

Minecraft Frogs Swimming Underwater

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