With the eventual release of Ark: Survival Ascended and the recreation of the Ragnarok map, Studio Wildcard has decided that they'll be hosting their own takes on the Minecraft LIVE mob vote, by having an official Ark Survival Ascended Community Creature Vote. This vote is done online by the community and features links to all of the now-decided creatures on the list after a lengthy decision phase of which community creature creations most fit the Ragnarok map and were allowed to join in the map's return to Ark Survival Ascended.

Unlike the Minecraft mob vote though, this vote features a grand total of 10 different creatures so the community is much more split on their favorites rather than choosing a unique banner to stand behind. Rather than submitting a single vote as well like the Minecraft mob vote, the rankedvote.co that Studio Wildcard has chosen to use (linked above) uses a tiering system, so even if your absolute favorite isn't chosen immediately, it may still be added in the future! Let's dive into the most popular among the community in this post!

Ark Survival Ascended Creature Vote

Among the ten competitors, two of them have stood out in popularity by far among the rest, and that is the: Nothosaurus and the Giant Bison. These creatures have seen a lot of love by the community with the Giant Bison seeing the biggest following while still in the creature decision phases prior to the top 10. The giant bison has since seen a massive amount of fleshing out as well, with the males having a large combat presence and the females being imperative to any farm.

The Nothosaurus on the other hand is a primarily marine animal, which may be why much of the community is interested in it's addition to the game. Ragnarok features a large sprawling area of underwater caves and surrounding ocean, leaving it's marine exploration a portion of the gameplay that is quite under-developed by Studio Wildcard. The expansion of fishing as well for all stages of gameplay is something that many Ark players are looking forward to in both private and public multiplayer servers.

Ark Survival Ascended Nothosaurus

Ark Survial Evolved, the Gorgonops

Another one of the creatures featured in this vote is the Gorgonops, a sly, hunting animal of sorts, in a thick cloak of fur, and one of the most powerful sniffers (senses of smells) among the Ark cast. This poor creature has absolutely been through the ringer through Ark's lifespan, having been featured in MANY of Ark's creature votes and even made it to top 10 in several! Yet alas, it has never been chosen, and never been added to the game.

At this point it's main selling point seems almost dated, being able to track creatures in the surrounding vicinity, which has been adapted onto many other creatures already in Ark (with the Tek Stryder and the Troodon being a few to name). Still though, players are calling for the creature's addition to the game even if it isn't chosen in this community creature vote, but only time will tell if Studio Wildcard will follow that request.

Ark Survival Evolved Gorgonops

Controversy Regarding Ark Survival Ascended

The popularity of these community creature votes has since quelled the storm of public outcry against Studio Wildcard regarding their transition from Ark Survival Evolved to Ark Survival Ascended, although fans are merely distracted at the moment with hopes of interesting new content. If you aren't fully up to date with the difference between Ark Survival Ascended and Evolved, checkout our blog post here:

Alongside these new creatures being added to Ark Survival Ascended as well as updated creature AI, better graphics, building, and gameplay as a whole, will these features be enough to justify Ark veterans repurchasing the same gameplay concept at full price? It absolutely may, but no matter which game the community plans to continue to dedicate themselves to, their Shockbyte servers will remain 100% online and ready to play. Including if that may mean switching to A:SA.

Ark Survival Giant Bison
These look like they would fit perfectly on the plains of Ragnarok!

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