Barotrauma is one of the most highly customizable games on the multiplayer market, even with it's base game allowing for a wide variety of player-customization and team formations. The vastly expansive talent trees and job selection allows players to build their characters extremely unique every time as well as create submarines full of extremely specific team-combinations that can tackle a wide variety of difficult missions throughout Europa.

Even more fortunately for fans of Barotrauma, the modding community is similarly as expansive, with mods to suite players of every kind. With mods to add additional Barotrauma submarines, talents, and even to reskin a large majority of the game, there's something for everyone who enjoys Barotrauma. This survival-horror sandbox is the perfect breeding ground for modding and creativity, so grab yourself some mods for the Barotrauma game today and get hosting!

Barotrauma 40k Mod

Here are the Best Barotrauma Mods:

Barotrauma BTE | EuropaWaifu | EK Armory | Robotrauma

EK Matriarch Mk-VII | Dead Space | Barotrauma 40k

The Iroh | Improved Husks | Barotraumatic

Barotrauma Mod Manager - Steam Workshop

Remember to keep in mind that while the modding community for Barotrauma is quite expansive, the best (and primarily most downloaded) mods all exist on the Steam workshop alongside the game. This makes using them client-side as well as on Shockbyte servers extremely easy! If you aren't sure how to get started modding your Shockbyte Barotrauma server, check out this incredibly straight forward guide on our knowledgebase! Have fun modding Barotrauma!

Barotrauma BTE Mod Extended

This Barotrauma mod has been one of the biggest Barotrauma mods on this list for a long time due to it's widespread popularity throughout the community. Barotrauma Extended is similar in a way to Starbound's infamous "Frackin' Universe" which adds several DLCs worth of content to the base game, all (in this case) fitting Barotrauma perfectly. Unfortunately, current game updates have broken the mod, but do keep an eye out for up-and-coming patches.

Barotrauma bte mod Extended Game

Barotrauma Anime Girl (EuropaWaifu) Mod

Barotrauma is an incredible game, but there is just a single problem. It's difficult to get attached to the crude-faced barely-human people we create and grow throughout our journeys. Instead of dealing with that, how about creating your very own well-drawn anime girl, with matching outfits for each appropriate job! Unlike some other mods, this mod manages to fit the anime character creations directly into the world, making them feel both appropriate and in-universe.

Barotrauma Anime Mod
This mod, while very stylish, is also very flavorful, and does not push uncomfortable boundaries either.

We at Shockbyte think you might also be interested in:

Barotrauma EK | Armory

As we talked about heavily on our Barotrauma skill setup guide blog post, combat is a predominant part of Barotrauma that almost every player will experience a LOT of, no matter their skills, job, or role on the submarine. With this in mind, expanding player's access to weapons can ONLY add indefinitely more layers of fun to the carnage of alien homicide, which this mod feeds into perfectly.

Barotrauma Guns Mod

Robotrauma Mod

Has your time spent as a frail human got you craving the sweet release of a refreshing oil bath with steel skin and metal bones? Robotrauma adds two brand new genders to the game in the form of "Robo-humans" which allow you to view Barotrauma from an entirely new light. Feel free to leave your Barotrauma submarine without any fear of pressure problems below a certain depth and reap the many other pros of being a robot! Keep in mind...there are cons too though...

Robotrauma Mod Barotrauma

EK Matriarch Mk-VII Barotrauma

The EK Matriarch MK-VII Mod is one of the MANY Barotrauma submarine mods that add an expansive new ship to the game, completely changing up how players are able to tackle each mission. With each unique submarine functioning as both a prison and a fortress, players are inclined to expand their fleet and learn new submarines as much as possible...including modded submarines! This mod is a blast to play for veterans of the game.

Barotrauma Submarine Mod

Dead Space Barotrauma Mod

The Dead Space Barotrauma Mod does exactly as advertised, providing all players involved with a completely Dead-space experience but INSIDE of the Barotrauma game. This mod is absolutely wonderful for Barotrauma veterans and Dead Space fans alike, combining the two into a masterfully-made mod for both to enjoy. One of the biggest things Dead Space was always missing was struggling against aliens with your friends, which Barotrauma solves perfectly! What a crossover!

Barotrauma Dead Space Mod

Barotrauma 40k Mod

Another reskin of Barotrauma to fit the theme of an alternate game...Warhammer 40k! Warhammer 40k fans will find themselves right at home with a wide plethora of cyber-punk melee weaponry and brand new rifles to fire off at the mixture of vanilla enemy creatures and brand new space marines, cultists, and many more. Among the many more weapons is brand new professions, items, and even major changes to the vanilla game due to the mod developer disliking vanilla gameplay.  

Barotrauma Mod Warhammer 40k

The Iroh Barotrauma Submarine Mod

The Iroh is one of the most in-depth, decorated, and highly-detailed Barotrauma Submarine mods on the workshop, fulfilling absolutely everything a team of Europa explorers could ever possibly require in a single hulking vessel. From every single room having extreme decorative details to a protective VIP bunker, the Iroh submarine is sure to complete any mission you throw it at. It has some of the most high-tech capabilities among Barotrauma's fleet of ships, further adding to the fun.

Barotrauma Husks Improved Mod

The Husks in Barotrauma are one of the most interesting parasites in the game, being an infectious-like enemy that can easily infect crewmates with just a single attack. These walking humanoids are essentially zombies, having their bodies completely taken over by their alien-parasite. Once bitten, players have a limited amount of time to cure the infection before they too become a Husk, and this incredible mod attempts to further flesh out this horrifying concept.

Barotrauma Husk

BaroTraumatic Difficulty Mod

The BaroTraumatic mod seeks to use a wide combination of other mods as well as vanilla mechanics to severely increase the difficulty of the base game. A well-oiled team in Barotrauma can easily overcome much of the obstacles the game has to throw at them, leading to a generally easy experience albeit a handful of surprises. This mod amps up the difficulty by several notches, and while some comments say the mod currently doesn't work, all it's dependencies have since been updated.

Barotrauma Difficulty

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