Minecraft Scaffolding is a block intended to help survival players safely build large structures, just like it's real life scaffolding equivalent. Fortunately the block is also extremely cheap, only costing a handful of the ever-plentiful bamboo and a single string. Once you find yourself a single bamboo, get yourself a bamboo forest growing and you're sure to find a TON of uses for spare bamboo! (Especially after the Minecraft 1.20 Bamboo Update)

If you're looking to build a massive base in survival or even a structure just a little taller than regular building height, Scaffolding in Minecraft is far more effective than using wood planks, dirt, or cobblestone to build up to the appropriate height. Having to destroy those blocks afterward is always a hassle, and can get in the way during building, especially if a tool breaks during the process. With just a few punches, all of the Scaffolding comes falling down!

Minecraft Scaffolding Recipe
Minecraft Scaffolding is cheap to make and when you're done you can break it to bring for next time!

What is Scaffolding?

Again, Scaffolding in Minecraft is a useful block that players can climb up and down through to assist their building in survival. More specifically, it serves a very specific purpose in Minecraft allowing players to climb each stacked-Scaffolding block as though they were a ladder or a waterfall. This gives the players great freedom to scale the walls of their foundations while crafting whatever grandeur structure designs they had in mind!

In addition to this, players can simply right click on the bottom block of a Scaffold stack with a Scaffold block in their hand to instantly place another Scaffold on top of the stack. This allows players to safely create large climbable pillars that are just as easy to disassemble when you're ready to move to a different area. Of course players can also descend through the pillar by holding left-shift as well.

Minecraft Scaffolding Use
Hold space to "swim" up the Scaffolding and shift to "swim" down!

Scaffolding Minecraft Tips

Minecraft Scaffolding also has a unique placement technique that can help veteran builders master many building possibilities no matter the angle at which they are approaching the situation. As an example: If a player is holding Shift (crouching) and they attempt to use a Scaffolding on a block of Scaffolding, it will instead place the Scaffolding directly beside the old one instead of stacking it. This is important when considering large structures and building in horizontal directions.

Keep this concept in mind as well as this masterful technique will allow even a novice builder to create elaborate scaffolding around a structure to provide the best angles to sculpt a mansion's roof and windows. Scaffolding is immune to being broken by water which is great to keep in mind as well if you are dealing with water decoration, but NOT immune to burning, so be careful!

Minecraft Scaffolding Example
You can also only build 6 Scaffolds out from the original pillar at maximum! Keep that in mind!

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