Veteran Rust players can look forward to another major aquatic update coming to Rust in the form of the Ferry Terminal monument and the Tug-boat vehicle addition. This Ferry Terminal monument as well, while unfinished, already spells massive meta-changes in the landscape for Rust both in the usual gameplay for players as well as in the background experience for the casual gamer. For all these huge changes coming to Rust, keep your eyes peeled this Thursday, July 6th!

Alongside the mandatory Rust update and monthly map wipe, the Facepunch team will be pumping out an update that has long-since been teased to the Rust community. The newest Tug-boat vehicle has been a static interactable area of the Harbor monument for as long as the structure has existed, teasing players with an incredible opportunity at a largescale vehicle for years now. Finally, after being a part of the Rust staging branch, players will soon be able to mount-up alongside their clan and tackle any aquatic enemies they so desire! More details below!

Rust Tugboat Vehicle Update

Rust Tugboat Details

Now this monster of a vehicle not only looks ginormous, but absolutely towers over every other vehicle in the entire game, easily fitting far more occupants than a scrap-heli EVER has been able to. ZERGS will be eager to enjoy this type of vehicle and many content creators will soon see this become their vehicle of choice when invading foreign territory with viewers. In all seriousness, it is large enough to land an entire mini-copter on the back section and fit several gunmen throughout.

There has been online rumors as well that the ability to place items inside it's hull may be added: opening up everything from loot crates inside, to entire clans placing sleeping bags inside these behemoths. For players looking to live their entire Rust wipe out on a floating fortress, this update may make it entirely possible for you!

Rust Tugboat Base

Ferry Terminal Details

In addition to the stunning looking Tugboat update, players can get hyped for another monument entering eligible Rust servers on July 6th: the Ferry Terminal! This monument currently remains quite empty as it stands on the Rust staging branch, featuring an open Departure Lounge, Ticket Office, and an entrance to the Rust underground network. While it currently does not hold any loot for players, when it looks to go live on the 6th, there most likely will be something for curious adventurers when it arrives.

This is not all to look forward to though when considering this incredible new monument, as there appears to be a small jumping puzzle (per the usual for Rust structures) and developer discussion regarding NPC participation at the area. Whether they will be peacekeepers or simply walking loot-bags is still currently undetermined, but eventually the area will be fully fleshed out, as it will become the site of Rust's massive meta-changing Nexus system update.

Rust Nexus System Ferry Terminal

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Rust Nexus System Update Details

The Nexus System in Rust is an upcoming addition to the game that will be tied into the Ferry Terminal's monument as part of the Ferries that theoretically travel between each individual Rust island or server. The Ferry Terminal will be a location that players will travel to, carrying the belongings they wish to bring with them between servers, and then they will board the relevant Ferry as it arrives at the terminal. Whether this will be a physical Ferry or simply an interactable HUD, is currently unclear, but the current purpose is to bring items across servers.

This has sparked heated debate across the Rust community, with a large portion of the backlash being negative in response. The current fear is that players will abuse this functionality to farm weapons and gear on low-population servers (or dedicated Rust servers of their own if able), and then use this Nexus system to transport their PVP-ready gearsets to high-population servers without the need to rise through the tiers like most other players on the server.

Rust Nexus System Ferry Terminal Community Backlash
As it stands though, everything we know about the Nexus system currently is still up in the air. 

Rust Major Water Visual Update

Fortunately alongside all of these oceanside changes, Facepunch didn't forget to leave out the notoriously visually-disgusting ocean itself! Players have long had difficulty with the ocean, water, and graphical anomalies leading to many players completely avoiding the vast expanse surrounding the Rust island; Besides maybe regular visits to the Oil Rigs and the even rarer Cargo ship events. After this update water should be clearer than ever, but still keep an eye out for sharks!

Especially with the full diving suit, players should see a major change to their underwater experience making dives much more worthwhile and faster too when using a combat knife to untie underwater crates! The surface of water has seen a major overhaul as well, creating awe-inspiring scenes with sun-reflecting scenery and beautiful cinematics even from the beaches. The view will be definitely be one added benefit of players looking to make a beach-base!

Rust Water Visual Update Beach
While it definitely looks cold, look at those stunning colors!

Rust Pay to Win (or Pay to Swim)

One of the last additions of this update is another one of the paid DLC visual changes to many of the items in the game, including the pickaxe, the AK, the usual Hazmat suite, and this time: the torch. While the pickaxe and the AK have undergone simply visual changes adding a little bit of oceanic flair to their usual look they haven't changed anything gameplay wise, but unfortunately the same can't be said for the Torch or Hazzy DLCs.

The Hazmat, while having the same defensive stats as the normal hazmat suit in the game is a drastically different color and shape, which can significantly throw off most hostiles when facing them in tense combat, especially at night. The starter-torch as well while using this skin gains a waterproof status (due to it being a diving-light rather than a true torch), making a naked spawn with this skin FAR more dangerous!

Rust Diving Suit Skin Torch DLC

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