Barotrauma is an incredible multiplayer title about submarine exploration, alien survival, character growth, and most importantly, the human condition. When every player starts a game of Barotrauma, they'll choose their job aboard the submarine, and while this job is not a limiting factor in what they can do, it is an extreme specialization of their abilities. Jobs also provide each unique character with exclusive accesses to talents for their job, further specializing their role.

As players complete missions and SURVIVE in the dangerous landscape that is the underwater world of Europa, they will continually earn experience towards their jobs, earning further talent points in their jobs, and allowing them to specialize deeper into their skill trees. This allows players even within the same job to function vastly different from another after a handful of levels. This mechanic, mixed with Barotrauma skills, provides fulfilling character growth.

Barotrauma Skills, Repairing Ship

Barotrauma the Captain

Captains on the ship keep the entire crew afloat, both metaphorically and physically by steering the ship through Europa and supporting allies in various tasks. Captains aren't primarily skilled at on-board specific tasks, but are extremely skilled at steering, starting with the highest Helm level among the entire party. Higher helm levels allows players to adjust the ship's movement much quicker, and makes underwater maneuvering much easier.

The Captain's primary skills will be Helm and Weapons, allowing them to use their standard issue Revolver extremely well and further upgrade their weapon to other hand-cannons as the Campaign progresses. The other primary skill being Helm, meaning the Captain trains their skills by shooting handguns and steering the ship. Not too difficult! The Captain also fulfills many other tasks for the crew such as providing crew-wide bonuses and dealing with the factions of Europa.

Barotrauma Captain Skills

Barotrauma the Medical Doctor

Medical Doctors on the Barotrauma ship are intended to keep everyone alive and well should they get attacked by aliens, each other, or well...themselves. Humans make plenty of mistakes and it's just as easy to burn yourself while welding or to use...the ladder while descending the ship. It happens guys. Either way, the Medical Doctor on board starts with the highest "Medical" skill on the ship, allowing them to diagnose issues more reliably, as well as apply treatment.

The Medical Doctor can specialize in a variety of ways aboard your Barotrauma ship, due to their wide fulfillment of many roles alongside their primary role of maintaining the health of crewmates on board. The primary skill of the Medical Doctor will always be Medical, but if a doctor is looking to engage in more combat, they may want to specialize in Weapons as an additional skill, or heavily into Mechanical Engineering to accommodate all the craftable items in their skill tree.

Barotrauma Medical Doctor Skills

Barotrauma the Assistant

The Assistant job in Barotrauma is intended for beginners who are just getting used to the game and are looking for a way to contribute, but focus on their sole survivability while either computer AI or other (more veteran) players handle the most important parts of maintaining the submarine. In reality though, the Assistant job becomes much more of a troll class than anything, allowing the most meme-loving player of your friend group the ability to do whatever he desires.

Fitting perfectly for the most troll player: this class does not start with being good in ANY skills, meaning they will need to train hard if they want to become proficient with anything throughout the course of the game. Fortunately, sticking with many of the other jobs such as Medical Doctors and Captains provides hefty buffs to their respective primary skills, allowing the Assistant to perform FAR above their base skills may allow. Monsters beware, the Ceremonial Sword is here!

Barotrauma Assistant Skills

Barotrauma the Engineer

The Engineer is an extremely straightforward job amongst the many varying options on your Barotrauma submarine, with it's primary skills being....drum roll please...both the Engineering skills! Originally, after creating your character, your primary skill will be Electrical Engineering, but due to how much you'll be required to fabricate new items (whether that is weapons or tools...or tools to use as weapons) this will all add a LOT of experience in your Mechanical Engineering.

The Engineer will be the primary player operating the Reactor of the ship, opening doors with Crowbars, and performing electrical repairs across the ship when issues arise. They are an extremely handy player to have on any submarine despite their heavy focus on Engineering, and will enable wire repairs/rewires to be done safely without risk to crewmates.  Crewmates attempting these dangerous activities without proper electrical knowledge could find themselves stunned and burned.

Barotrauma Engineer Skills

Barotrauma the Mechanic

Believe it or not, the primary skill of Mechanics in Barotrauma is Mechanical Engineering. The Mechanic as such, performs some of the best Mechanical Engineering around, creating some of the best gear and early-game armor for your crewmates available. The Mechanic as well also can quickly repair any hull damage dealt by aliens on Europa either inside or outside of the ship. Repairing the ship increases significantly with a player's Mechanical Engineering.

2/3 of the Mechanic Skill trees involve combat as a primary focus of their purpose, making Weapons an incredible secondary skill for the Mechanic to focus on alongside their usual Fabrication and Hull-repairing duties. While many of the jobs focus on combat already, the Mechanic is able to provide the party with early-game armor (as previously stated), create grenades, as well as provide himself hefty damage resistance at higher levels. He is another invaluable crewmember.

Barotrauma Mechanic Skills

Barotrauma the Security Officer

You thought we talked about combat-oriented jobs so far, you haven't seen nothin' yet. Last but not least, is the Security Officer, offering unparalleled combat abilities in compared to every other class on the list. Unsurprisingly Security Officers will easily retain the highest Weapons skill level throughout the group, with Captains only lagging behind them a short while. Security Officers are also intended to man the cannons on the ship to repel interior and exterior threats.

The Security Officer is also the point-man to send on excursion missions while exploring areas outside of the ship. While 2/3 of the talent trees are for fortification of the ship, offering indoor expertise and turret-based buffs, the base skills offer a handful of extremely helpful tools to supply the Security Officer and crew with exploration-based equipment. Choosing the "Frogman" specialization as well further turns the Security Officer into water-based Indiana Jones.

Barotrauma Security Officer Skills

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