Minecraft pvp is one of the most popular ways to play Minecraft in it's extremely long history of multiplayer game modes, especially when considering slapping your friends over the back of the head after starting up a new Minecraft server together. Along with Minecraft pvp though comes an absolute book of details to unfold, such as the Minecraft combat update, critical attacks, Minecraft pvp servers, hacking, texture packs, and near infinite more things to cover.

With so much to dive into, we won't want to waste too much more time, but the two most important rules to consider are these:

  • Minecraft pvp hacking is going to get you banned from most servers you're involved with and should be a bannable offense on your own server. It ruins the integrity of Minecraft's competitive PVP and is extremely un-fun for players.
  • Minecraft pvp is supposed to be fun! Things can get heated in the arena sometimes, but always keep a cool head and know you'll have another opportunity next time. Learn and grow from each experience, good and bad.
Minecraft Pvp Map Nether Arena

Minecraft PvP Tutorial

There's always been a lot of confusion about Minecraft's combat ever since the combat update patch of 1.9 in 2016. Since then, combat has featured widely different weapons and intentionally delayed attacks rather than the usual spam-clicking of Minecraft 1.7 combat. Instead of spam clicking, players are required to wait a moment to deal the full damage of their weapon, with axes requiring about a full second of waiting and swords only requiring 0.625 seconds to fully recover.

In addition to this, players will want to be landing critical attacks on their enemies in order to deal additional damage. Critical attacks in Minecraft deal an additional 50% damage, meaning the attack will deal 1.5 times the damage it would have originally. Minecraft Criticals are achieved by the player consistently by hitting an enemy ONLY while FALLING. It is an extremely short period, but worthwhile!

Minecraft Critical Attack Example Gif
You can recognize a critical attack by the hitmarkers/sparkles that fly alongside the hearts of each hit!

Minecraft PvP Texture Packs

There are just about thousands of Minecraft texture packs (also known as Minecraft resource packs) that provide players an optimal experience while playing the game, whether you're looking for a beautiful new visual experience or the perfect textures for a professional pvper. Minecraft pvp texture packs need to fulfill a handful of requirements:

  • They need to make weapons and armor easily identifiable on enemies in PvP
  • They need to make Ore quickly identifiable for relevant game modes
  • They could also make tools smaller in your hand, to see more of the screen

Fortunately, Shockbyte has written a detailed Minecraft pvp texture pack blog post going over some of the absolute best of the best texture packs out there available to download right now. For all the best pvp resource packs and where to get them, checkout the blog post below:

Minecraft PvP Texture Pack Bytecraft

Minecraft PvP Servers

For players looking to get their hands dirty and start PvPing themselves, searching out dedicated Minecraft PvP servers is definitely a way to go. While there are many long standing pvp Minecraft servers out there, they'll never be as fun as grabbing a handful of your own friends and starting up your own server to duel it out on. Upload a custom fighting arena of your choice or an entire medieval town map and you've got yourself the most epic Minecraft pvp server hosted!

Some of the most popular online Minecraft pvp servers are:

  • Hypixel (mc.hypixel.net)
  • Purple Prison (purpleprison.org)
  • PvP Land (pvp.land)
  • VortexPvP (play.vortexpvp.com)

While many of these are great for finding players to play with online, they all lack the customization hosting your own server provides. The ability to add mods, plugins, and upload custom maps, turns a simple Minecraft pvp server into an entirely new gaming experience.

Minecraft Hypixel Screenshot PvP Server

How to get better at Minecraft PvP

Minecraft PvP is an incredibly thrilling minigame of Minecraft, where the best way to get better is by playing a LOT of it! Much of Minecraft PvP is dependent on 3 things:

  • Fast reaction and decision making: "Do I run, or attack?"
  • Landing a critical on every single attack
  • and being able to quickly craft items

In many of Minecraft's PvP minigames, players will need to quickly discern whether or not their gear is able to currently fight an enemy at the moment. If you're walking up to a guy wearing full iron armor, and you've got a pair of gold boots and a stone sword, you should be turning and running the other way! The only way to fight someone who you're heavily out-matched against is to fight them with a friend, OR to whittle them down with a bow, and then attack!

Minecraft PvP Arena Wither Fight

Minecraft PvP Arena

Some of the best ways to enjoy PvP rely on exactly where you'll be brutally murdering each other in Minecraft. The scenic view can really spice up the enjoyment of the experience and can help get any player into the roleplay headspace they need to fully immerse themselves into a character. For example, imagine fighting in a Dark Medieval Castle, or a Vampire Mansion! Players will enjoy the endless atmosphere experiences as they fight for their lives!

Instead, some players may prefer a completely clean slate to completely focus on the PvP involved. If you're a competitive sort of player and aren't looking to get distracted, you may be interested in a simple floating platform without any distractions. Maybe you're interested in a few stage hazards though to spice it up such as pitfalls, lava traps, or areas to run around, yet not so much visual clutter...there's plenty of options for that too! Pick and choose your Minecraft PvP Arena when you host your own server!

Minecraft Medieval Castle Map

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