Server Hosting is a brand new world that many players, especially for those who are used to Nintendo titles such as Pokémon. Pokémon and Ark players have collided however with the recent release of the extremely popular "Palworld" which has completely taken the world by storm. Earning nearly over 2 million purchases in less than 10 hours, the game's official servers have struggled to keep up, suffering from both stability issues and max capacity.

Due to this, players have had to turn to many alternative methods of multiplayer play, whether than be joining each other's multiplayer games directly through their personal save files over Steam, or through a dedicated Palworld server hosted on their PC. Both have MASSIVE issues with play, and both of them rely entirely on your friend being online to even play Palworld! If you want to be able to progress within your cooperative world 100% of the time, 24/7, you'll need Palworld Server Hosting.

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Why to choose Paid Palworld Server Hosting

As many players have already experienced, players attempting to host servers on their own hardware suffer severe connection issues and also cannot keep the server running 24/7. Players additionally have reported losing their progress on their friend's servers after they disconnect, or after a house loses power. All in all, hosting a server yourself can lead to a massive headache while gaming and is extremely unreliable despite being the cheapest way to do things.

Alternatively Palworld also features a cooperative Steam connection multiplayer mode where players can connect to each other and play out each other's personal save files. The biggest issue with this game mode is that it is HARD capped at 4 players. Even for friend groups who consist of 4 or less players, Palworld has been considered to feel much closer to ARK in terms of overall experience and is best experienced on a dedicated Palworld server; Not to mention the loss of progress problems repeatedly noted by players connecting this way.

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Choosing Palworld Dedicated Servers over Invite Code

Despite Palworld's incredible rise to fame and over 4 million copies already being sold in under 4 days since release, players have experienced a wide variety of issues such as the infamous "Connection Timed Out Error" widely experienced when players choose to connect through Invite Codes. Many connection issues and gameplay glitches are to be expected as players quickly realize the true nature of this title still being in it's early-access state.

The Palworld Developers themselves have released a massive Google Document of English-based FAQs regarding the massive influx of issues surrounding the title, with many of them surrounding multiplayer. While the Palworld developers cite Invite Code multiplayer and Player Save-File based games as a more reliable way to play, these multiplayer sessions are limited to 4 players at a maximum which severely hinders the gameplay experience. Palworld functions best similarly to ARK, where a wide open map is be explored by 16+ players.

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How to Join a Palworld Dedicated Server

Another glaring issue involved with attempting to host an open server yourself is relying on the in-game Server Browser. The in-game server browser of Palworld has been extremely unreliable for players, and has repeatedly not shown both open servers and servers intentionally being searched for by friends or family. This has been a continual issue for the Palworld Dedicated Server community as it is nearly the only issue preventing players from connecting.

Fortunately players who use paid Palworld Server Hosting such as Shockbyte or another provider will have easy access to their IP address to send to their connecting friends or community, and the joining players can simply input this IP into "IP Connect" field at the bottom, beside the "Connect" button. Pressing the connect button should instantly connect them and should alleviate issues regarding the server browser and invite codes.

Palworld IP Connect Field Dedicated Server

Palworld is out NOW! Start a Server of your Own!

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