As you just start out in Palworld, players can be left with a wide variety of questions:

  • How do I quickly get resources?
  • How do I quickly level up?
  • Where should I be building my guild base?
  • Which Pals should I be catching for my team?

And so many more.

These are all extremely valid questions as well, as they can determine the speed at which you'll progress through not only the early stages of the game, but also how you'll fare against Raids, and against any early-game bosses or dungeons you wish to take on. If you're not the kind of person who likes the manage inventories, micro-manage a base-camp, or farm resources in the early game, you'll want these questions answered ASAP.

Palworld Spawn Start

Palworld Early Game Resource Gathering

In the early game of Palworld players are in a desperate need to horde three key ingredients:

  • Paldium
  • Wood
  • and Stone

These three ingredients are the foundation of nearly everything players require early game, whether it be to craft Pal Spheres, weapons, equipment, or simply to create their very first guild hall. Something that brand new Palworld players may not realize is that while a Pal is being used, they will do more than simply participate in combat! They will assist in farming those resources with you, which can significantly increase the speed in which you speed through the early game.

To release a Pal that you've caught, as long as they are currently in your party, Press E if they are the Pal currently selected on your party-selection hot-bar. As an example, some of the earliest Pals players will acquire will be the "Cattiva", "the Depresso", and "Rushroars". Each of these three great Pals will be eager to assist in gathering stone alongside you during your travels which would otherwise be an extremely tedious process.

Palworld Mining

How to Get Wood in Palworld. SO much Wood.

Wood in the early stages of Palworld is one of the most important resources players will be relying on to craft their beginner Guild Hall base. Before players reach level 18, their structures will be entirely made of wood primarily which can be extremely costly if you're a fan of building grand homes. Lugging all of this wood around is a massive issue in itself, but collecting it is the first and foremost requirement. Your MVP Pal for the job is "Gumoss".

Gumoss is a small grass-type slime Pal that massively increases the speed at which a player will cut down trees as long as he is in your team. He is an incredible early game Pal to rely on whilst you need to do a lot of wood-chopping yourself as a player. Pair him up with "Cattiva" for a perfect logging-party pair. Cattiva provides the player an additional 50 carrying-capacity whilst he is on your team as well, making them both incredible passive Pals to have in your party early on.

Palworld Cutting Trees Wood

Set up Automated Resource Gathering ASAP

If you're just starting out in Palworld the level you'll want to speedrun is level 7 as quickly as possible. On your journey craft as many Pal balls as you can, defeat as many Pals as you can along your way, and suck up the experience like no-tomorrow because level 7 in Palworld changes the entire game moving forward.  If you haven't played Palworld before, Palworld from level 7 onward also becomes a management simulator, where players will micro-manage their homestead of Pals.

Level 7 is important because while players have already unlocked the ranch and the berry plantations, the most important Guild Hall base foundations to setup are the "Logging Site" and the "Stone Pit". These two structures allow players to utilize Pals that are working at their base to automatically Mine stone from the Stone pit, and cut wood from the Logging site for their base. With these both setup, players are then able to fully micromanage a small colony of Pals from within their base.

Palworld Guild Base

Getting Technology Points and Leveling

How do you actually speedrun to level 7 though, and gain enough technology points to unlock both the Logging Site and Stone Pit, whilst unlocking everything previously? There are a multitude of ways to gain experience and even gain technology points but some are slower than the others. Doing things such as crafting items, mining, cutting trees, and working all provide experience to you and your party however, it is very minimal XP and won't level you quickly.

The best way to level up quickly is to defeat Pals in battle, either by having your Pals defeat them in combat, or by defeating them yourself. Alternatively, you gain a massive boost in experience for the first time you catch each new Pal, and catching Pals also provides a great amount of experience rather than defeating them outright. The fastest way to gather accumulate technology points outside of leveling up is to discover new Fast Travel statues. They are extremely easy to run over to after spotting them and give a single tech point each.

Palworld Palbox Pals
Fill your Palbox with plenty of options for your base and party!

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