One of the biggest game-changing updates is coming to Rust, in the form of small robots that automate some of the most common tasks we do every day in the game. Rust will see a massive industrial revolution, bringing automated item crafters, combiners, splitters, transporters, and more. This is the best time ever for groups, allowing large team bases to become corporations with automated industries.

Rust February Update

Currently, this massive industrial revolution update is scheduled for release in February, but can already be played on the Rust staging branch, which requires a server.

Speaking of which, both for testing all combinations of the new base options and for setting up a reliable server, you can count on Shockbyte to be ready for the Rust Industrial update. Rust servers will most likely require additionally strong hardware starting with this update.

Rust Industrial Base

Rust Industrial Crafter

The Industrial Crafter is one of the most interesting new features in Rust, allowing players to constantly craft the items they want with a single blueprint, as long as the crafter has access to the ingredients. Large teams will find this incredibly helpful, as they can connect 2 industrial crafters to 2 unique crafting tables that can each craft up to 4 unique products, meaning the team can automatically have crafted 8 new weapons by the time they have returned from their mission.

If the products can be stacked, such as bullets, a much larger amount of items can be made before production stops. When a storage adapter is connected to the crafting table and a nearby chest, the product is not limited to the cap of 4 unique products and is therefore placed in the chest when the storage adapter is powered. Now we are playing with fire!...well, technology?

Rust Crafting Table Handmade LMG

Rust Storage Adapter

The Rust Storage Adapter will be the most widely used item from the update in Rust, as it is very handy for any Rust player. The storage adapter is an item that requires power to function, but allows the constant flow of a given item from one chest/oven/crafting table/box to another at a constant rate. That is, as long as players fill a chest with sulfur ore, they can continuously filter it into their furnaces and cook it into pure sulfur.

This can lead to long trains in bases where items could theoretically only be made through player trade. If a base receives sulfur ore in exchange for a weapon in a trade box, it can be sent to a furnace where it is cooked, then sent to a crafting table to be made into bullets, and then sent to a locker with a weapon to be included in a kit for the base owner. Do you see the possibilities?

Rust Lockers
This entire process requires an industrial conveyor which also requires power to function.

Rust Electric Furnace

One of the newest items added in this update is the underwhelming electric furnace, which works just like the normal furnace, but without the need to constantly feed it with non-renewable resources. Go Green!

Once a base has built up enough power to produce automation and storage adapters, players will no longer want to cut down trees to power their furnaces. Instead, they can take advantage of their power position and literally power their house entirely wth electricity. This seems especially helpful for clan bases with windmills or solar panels.

Rust Renewable Resources

Rust Industrial Combiner

The Industrial Combiner fits nicely into the grand scheme of things as an item for largescale projects looking to create intricate systems. In more simple terms, the Rust Industrial Combiner allows players to funnel up to three Industrial Conveyors into one single storage adapter. For larger projects this would allow up to three furnaces cooking different objects to then funnel the cooked items into the same chest.

Teams will find this extremely helpful as with the addition of electrical furnaces, players will be looking for additional ways to utilize a surplus of cooking abilities.

Rust Industrial Update Screenshot

Rust Moving Forward

What does this mean for the future of Rust? Well, Rust might look very different in the near future than it did to players who played it regularly a few years ago. Updates are continually changing Rust, and many additions are changing the entire look and feel of Rust. The industry update will undoubtedly be drastic for Rust servers as well. If you currently own a Rust server or need a place to practice your electrical engineering, Shockbyte can be your Rust server host!

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