Skyrim Together opens up so many multiplayer modding possibilities, allowing friends to finally play many of the chaotic mods they had long only played on their singleplayer playthroughs. Shockbyte is happy to bring you the absolute best Skyrim Mods so your friend group can get back into Tamriel together!

Installing Skyrim Mods may be a daunting task as it requires going through files and following online tutorials, but Shockbyte is here to make it extremely easy! Using the Vortex Mod Manager, updating and adding new mods to your Skyrim Together Reborn server is as easy as downloading them to your PC and playing them yourself. If you aren't sure how to install Skyrim Mods yourself, checkout this article on our Shockbyte knowledgebase:

Vortex Mod Manager
You can grab the Vortex Mod Manager for yourself here!

Here are the Best Skyrim Mods:

SkyUI | Ordinator | JK's Skyrim | Immersive Armors

Beyond Skyrim - Bruma | Immersive Patrols | Rustic Clothing

OBIS | JaySuS Swords | Frostfall

Skyrim Mods versus Skyrim SE Mods

Several of the mods above are for the Skyrim Special Edition, or are for Skyrim's original version. Many though have alternatives for those with different game types who are still interested in playing the mod with friends. We'll be sure to mention in the description of each mod exactly which version of Skyrim each mod belongs to for your convenience!


This simple but effective mod changes entirely how you and your friends will play through Skyrim with a boatload of UI changes making the game feel exactly like a modern polished title. Everything from showing you equipped items differently, to a complete overhaul of inventory/looting management.

Once you've played with this mod installed there will be NO GOING BACK. Vanilla Skyrim will feel like a cluttered mess without descriptions, inventory details, or any amount of clarity.

Skyrim Mods
SkyUI is made for the original Skyrim edition!


Many of us have played Skyrim over and over by now since it's initial release in 2011. Skyrim Together brings a brand new immerse multiplayer experience into the mix, but how does an additional 469 new perks sound? Ordinator brings a complete overhaul to the perk system as we know it in Skyrim and takes creating your character to a brand new never-before-seen level.

If you thought that creating your Skyrim Together party had a lot of possibilities before, when you throw Ordinator into the mix you could have max players and still never have a matching build!

Skyrim Together Multiplayer
This amazing mod is for the Skyrim Legendary Edition!

JK'S Skyrim

JK's Skyrim is super unique adding a completely unique spin on everything you thought you knew about Skyrim. This mod adds just a little bit of spice to everything nice in many of the most iconic spaces around the continent of Tamriel. Many minor villages and all five major cities: Whiterun, Solitude, Markarth, Riften, Windhelm have seen entire overhauls adding a unique addition to their geographical location and vendors specific to their city.

Exploring these brand new locations added to the most memorable cities in Skyrim with friends is an absolutely incredible experience.

Modded Skyrim
Explore these cities in the Skyrim Special Edition!

Immersive Armors

The Immersive Armors Mod is exactly the kind of Mod your Skyrim Together party should be using if you're thinking about jumping back into the world of Skyrim again. The Immersive Armors Mod plays exactly like a massive DLC or update to a game that you've been a fan of forever.

The Immersive Armors mod adds a massive amount of incredible new armors and shields seamlessly into the game suitable for players of all different levels and builds. Each of the armor sets perfectly fit into the lore of their areas, and make for an incredible addition to the base game.

Skyrim Together Reborn
This mod works for all versions of Skyrim!

Beyond Skyrim - Bruma

If you thought that modding had reached new levels in 2023, then you have absolutely seen nothing like the Beyond Skyrim modding project of 2017, adding even more content to the base game than the ACTUAL DLC Dragonborn released by Bethesda itself.

With this incredible mod still seeing updates in 2022 for continued support; You'll be tackling: a never before seen questline, new enemies, armor, weapons, entirely new city, and so so much more in the most fantastical mod to use alongside Skyrim Together.

Skyrim Together Mod
This mod works for all versions of Skyrim!

Immersive Patrols

Anyone else picking up the pattern that all the best Skyrim mods are all "Immersive"? This mod is crucial for players looking to increase their regular combat encounters due to the increase in party size from Skyrim Together multiplayer. Immersive Patrols adds life even further to the wilderness of Tamriel! As you travel from point A to point B you'll encounter not only more monstrous wildlife but humans under a wide variety of banners as well!

Things will continue to escalate as the story progresses leading to player decisions additionally changing the landscape of this "immersive" mod! This is a must-have mod for larger Skyrim Together Reborn parties.

Skyrim Together Reborn Mod
This mod works for all versions of Skyrim!

Rustic Clothing

The Rustic Clothing mod is a massive overhaul to the clothing system of Skyrim changing not only the entirety of NPC clothing of cities in Skyrim but also of armor sets throughout the world. The player will find many familiar armor sets will see a much different design change, although many of these differences are extremely well crafted and stunning in their new appearances.

Skyrim Together Reborn
This mod works for all versions of Skyrim!

OBIS - Organized Bandits in Skyrim

Similar to Immersive Patrols, this mod is a MUST HAVE for larger Skyrim Together parties. Organized Bandits in Skyrim, or OBIS for short, is a mod that adds a near infinite number of bandit encounters seamlessly into the gameplay of Skyrim as you travel across the world. These bandits can even clash with many of the armies found in Immersive Patrols (if you have both mods active) and you may stumble upon one of these skirmishes!

Be sure that if you do, you don't end up the target of both sides at once! With over 2500 unique bandits seeing the same face is incredibly unlikely, and almost every encounter will be a welcome addition to the continual combat your party will be craving as a group. Go forth adventurers!

Skyrim Together Reborn
This mod works for all versions of Skyrim!

JaySuS Swords

So far we've covered a handful of armor additions, clothing additions, NPC changes, but this mod goes out to all the hardcore weapon lovers out there. JaySuS's Swords adds well over 51 brand new completely unique swords into the magical world of Skyrim with each of them drawing inspiration from real world swords as well.

These weapons can be crafted, looted, found in chests, and enchanted as any other piece of trusty equipment an adventurer may need alongside their travels. Each of these weapons will serve their wielder well and can be further upgraded by advanced smithing perks.

Best Skyrim Mods
This mod works for all versions of Skyrim!

Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival

At first this may appear as simply an otherwise annoying addition to a game intentionally lacking survival mechanics. While true, Frostfall takes the concept of the survival genre and perfectly integrates it into Skyrim in a way that leaves players forgetting it wasn't there in the first place.

Overlaying a heatmap onto the entirety of Tamriel, tracking the player based on location, time of day, weather condition, and worn clothing are only a few of the integrations added to create an immersive survival experience for your Skyrim Together party.

Frostfall is for the original version of Skyrim!

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