With Sons of the Forest being in early access, it's no wonder players are full of questions. We covered a hand-full of these questions in our Sons of the Forest Shockbyte Server Hosting Announcement blog post, but we mostly covered those relating to the game's multiplayer capabilities and the plethora of community backlash regarding the game's current confusing story. Below we'll be covering a handful of some of the most asked questions about the current build and gameplay involved, such as: How to get the Shovel or How to get the Rebreather!

As we also covered in our Server Hosting Announcement blog post, there is a handful of absolutely incredible map guides available online, with Mapgenie's current release of Sons of the Forest being an absolute masterpiece for any multiplayer playthrough. If you aren't sure where on the map any of the following important landmarks are, be sure to checkout Mapgenie for a detailed map-guide on how to find them. Do be warned, it will ruin much of the exploration of the game, but the map is still spoiler-free.

Sons of the Forest Multiplayer

Sons of the Forest Virginia Details

Virginia is one of the most searched terms regarding Sons of the Forest, for a wide plethora of reasons. Her introduction in the game can startle many players as her initial portrait shown in the prologue is all but forgotten by the time the players find her on the island itself. After a few hesitant interactions and some gradual warming up-to she can eventually become a loyal follower of the player, forgoing her mutant life on the island for a more civilized life alongside the player.

Alongside having another member in your expansive party of survivors: the sort-of functional Kelvin, and your multiplayer teammates; Virginia makes for an extremely reliable companion due to her self-sufficiency and combat prowess. Equip Virginia with some brand new human clothes, a handgun or shotgun (or both) and she'll become a mobile defense turret to protect your team in later stages of your playthrough. Unlike Kelvin, she does not automatically regenerate when downed, so be sure to help her out when an enemy deals enough damage to her.

Sons of the Forest Virginia Companion

Sons of the Forest Shovel

In Sons of the Forest, there is a handful of items that are required to progress the game, that cannot be crafted. Among these are the Shovel, the Rebreather, and the Rope Gun. These items must all be searched out eventually in order to complete the game and will be required to progress through previously un-traversable areas to keep a sense of direct progression within the game. The Shovel in specific is in an area identified as (you guessed it) "the Shovel Cave" where both the Rebreather and the Rope Gun are required in order to progress though the cave.

On the west side of the mountain lies the Shovel Cave with more than a handful of enemies inside. Traverse throughout this treacherous dungeon alongside the help of the trusty Rope Gun and Rebreather and you'll be rewarded with the next step of the game's exploration tool. The Shovel. Alongside being able to reveal many of the next bunkers on the island with this, you can also dig up any graves you come along, providing you a little extra loot for your trouble of finding the shovel.

Sons of the Forest Shovel Location

Sons of the Forest Rebreather

The Rebreather as previously mentioned is also one of the required items players must obtain in order to progress their exploration of the island and of the story. The Rebreather and the Rope Gun both technically have zero required items in order to obtain them, making them both viable targets for a player's party to seek out early into the game. The Rebreather's location is in a cave extremely North of the map, and slightly to the west. It is covered by some plank coverings, but any axe is able to destroy this coverage.

Despite these two caves being the first among many for players to explore, they both still contain mutants rather than the usual cannibals, making them much more difficult challenges for fresh players to face. Be sure you are appropriately armed and willing to take on a challenge if need be. In the Rebreather cave specifically, there is a small chance a Shark can spawn in the underwater area, so bring a handcrafted bow to easily take it down without entering the water.

Sons of the Forest Rebreather and Rope Gun
Rebreather on the right and Rope Gun screenshot on the left!

Sons of the Forest Mods

Everyone loves Mods and in this era of gaming, modding a new game is almost as certain as paid DLC. While the game is still in Alpha, and Shockbyte servers don't officially support modding yet, there is an upcoming modding community for the game to keep an eye out for. Nexusmods has already released it's own section for Sons of the Forest and more than a handful of incredible mods have already been uploaded! Nothing incredibly special yet, but nice additions to the game such as developer tools and infinite stamina/health toggles!

Sons of the Forest Kelvin Companion

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