Sons of the Forest, despite being early access, has drawn a LOT of attention by content creators, players, and game theorists after it's mind boggling endings and confusing storyline. With each continued Sons of the Forest update, players continue to see incredible progress on the game, with a new final boss fight only recently being added, and players eagerly looking forward to additional lore being added in the future to help explain the complex story currently laid out for the community.

Fortunately, there is so much to explore in the current release of the game, as well as a complex building system in place that many content creators have tackled in groups thus far. The game though is still in early access leading to unreliable gameplay and unstable connections, so always choose the most reliable server hosting options when you can, with Shockbyte now available for hosting Sons of the Forest dedicated servers. You've got the entire Sons of the Forest map to explore and you aren't going to want to miss a second of the lore involved.

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Sons of the Forest Multiplayer

Sons of the Forest features multiple in-game NPCs such as Kelvin and Virginia who will interact with the player in various ways throughout your journey across the Sons of the Forest map. Kelvin can be given direct orders and used for labor intensive tasks such as gathering or holding items, but cannot defend himself from danger. Virginia on the other hand, can be given weapons and will defend herself and the player, although she is no match for the horde of cannibals that wander the island, so beware of her safety as much as possible.

The best way to enjoy Sons of the Forest is with a few other real life survivors, tackling the horrifying escapade of the cannibalistic island together. Create a wooden cabin together, explore the depths of the island's secrets, and uncover what happened to the millionaire and his child that came to the island in the original game. The entire experience is majorly improved with other (fully-human) companions to defend yourself alongside.

Sons of the Forest Virginia Companion Private Server

Sons of the Forest Map

Despite being stuck on a remote island, your party will nearly have endless hours of exploration on this rock in the middle of the ocean, holding many secrets to find. While looking for miscellaneous loot to incredibly important lore areas, players can easily get lost on this incredibly dense map due to swaths of trees and shrubbery. Fortunately the community is one step ahead, establishing yet again another incredible interactive map for players to enjoy: introducing yet another Mapgenie, but this time for the Sons of the Forest map!

This map should be of incredible help to your exploration party, guiding your playthrough of the Sons of the Forest without directly spoiling too much of the exploration along the way. Many of the biggest points of interest will still require intense preparation and another pair of hands never hurt, so grab a few of your friends and start up a Sons of the Forest dedicated server with Shockbyte! Having more than a few teammates should make exploring the island's mysteries much easier!

Sons of the Forest Map Dedicated Server

Sons of the Forest Game

Ultimately, while Sons of the Forest is a survival horror game with building and roleplay aspects, it ultimately is intended as a story-driven exploration adventure game. Your multiplayer party will scavenge items across the island piece by piece unlocking a new unique way to explore previously locked areas of the island, whether that be by swimming or digging using the shovel.

This can lead to extremely long playthroughs or extremely short ones depending on the party, and a dependable server host is important so that any players can start the server and play whenever they're available. The intricate building and farming systems in Sons of the Forest give players plenty of incentive to play even while the entire party isn't necessarily online. Just be sure you don't progress into the story without them, as some friends wouldn't appreciate that!

Sons of the Forest Cannibal Attack
POV: Your friend's reaction after you went ahead in the story without them.

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