Many gamer groups have started Minecraft servers dozens of times, and each time they set out to make something new in terms of living conditions but don't always achieve what they intended to do. Instead, many players look to optimize their survival builds for the quickest access to food, chest resources, and sometimes incorporating easy access to mobs farms and the like.

Shockbyte is here to bring you not only easy access to dedicated Minecraft servers, but simple house templates too! If you want to try emulating these houses first, you could create a superflat world on your dedicated server first, and then restart the server in a survival! If you aren't sure how to create a superflat world, checkout this Shockbyte knowledgebase article:

Minecraft Superflat World

Easy Underground House

The greatest part of living underground in Minecraft is the safety during setup! If you end up having to make house adjustments during the night, an underground house is covered by the safety of the Earth, preventing mobs from swarming you on all sides as a normal house would encounter.

This house is a Minecraft classic, providing everything from natural sunlight (allowing growth of indoor crops) to easy chest access! Everything you need is only a few steps away, but with things built into the walls underground, it's still far from cramped.

Minecraft Easy Underground House

Creeper-Safe Stilts Easy Minecraft House

If the Minecraft dedicated server owner hasn't turned mob griefing off, Creepers are by far the biggest issue players have to deal with in the Overworld of Minecraft. Skeletons are also a dangerous issue for under-prepared adventurers, but nothing makes a Minecraft player more sad than a creeper blowing their front door to kingdom-come right after they exit.

Putting your Minecraft house on small stilts will not only give you the proper amount of time to see the Creeper coming when you leave, but also cause a majority of the damage to be to the stairs rather than the house itself. Double-prepared!

Minecraft House on Stilts

Easy Minecraft Jungle Treehouse

One thing you'll never hear is someone in Minecraft who built a treehouse, complain about mobs. As long as your treehouse domain is sufficiently lit, you'll have absolutely zero mob problems for the entirety of your playthrough, and besides exploring, you won't even need to touch the ground again! Bring a handful of dirt to your treetop abode, and you can simply grow your crops at the peak of the jungle!

On day 1 of Minecraft, if you're close enough to the Jungle biome you can immediately get your Kingdom started...and it has beautiful sights too!

Easy Minecraft Jungle Treehouse

Easy-Setup Mountainside Minecraft House

In the early days of Minecraft, bases built into the sides of mountains felt like an extremely common thing to do before falling out of style in more recent years. With exploration being such a requirement in modern Minecraft updates, it needs to also be easy to get in and out of your Minecraft abode. Mountainside bases tend to be extremely comfortable, but suffer from accessibility in the long-term.

As long as your base is approachable from all angles (which can take a lot of base preparation) it can be both an extremely safe house for your Minecraft playthrough as well as a cozy one due to the tight living space.

Easy Minecraft Mountainside House

Multiplayer Minecraft Bunk House

When starting up a new playthrough with friends, partners, or family it's always hard to decide living arrangements. If you're playing with a significant other, it's very simple to put your Minecraft beds together and call it a night. Otherwise though, how can you affordably setup a home together with friends, but still have your own personal space to store items of your own?

How about a unique bunking setup brought to you by One Team Minecraft builders on Youtube! This house brings all the benefits of the Creeper-Safe stilts house, but with two rooms rather than one! Each morning in Minecraft you can high-five the boys and have your own loot chest too! This house is perfect for any dedicated Minecraft server with friends!

Easy Minecraft Multiplayer House

The Problem with Minecraft Sea Bases

One might expect a nicely styled underwater sea base to appear on this list, and while they are stunning creations architecturally, they are disasters to live in for Minecraft players. The Drowned in Minecraft are particularly annoying mobs, that can quickly swarm players swimming underwater.

If a player is unlucky enough to encounter a Drowned with a trident... especially's like fighting a Skeleton on steroids. With these reasons combined, we can't fairly recommend an underwater base to our players as "easy", but we can show off an absolutely sick raft build by Shock Frost on Youtube!

Minecraft Ocean Build

The Simple Square Easy House

A large majority of Minecraft players will default to some sort of square Minecraft house, especially early on in their Minecraft experience. With a game made of blocks, it only feels natural to live in a block-shaped home. Fortunately though, this can be stylish as well, combining the blocky look of Minecraft with the square look of modern housing.

The square house can be tight yet functional as well, allowing a player all the space they need for their items, food, armors, and bed in a safe yet compact home. Even if building materials are scarce, this house looks great out of simply wood planks and cobblestone, making it as affordable as ever.

Minecraft Simple Square Home

Best Minecraft Starter House

One thing that each of the previous houses assumed was that you would have plenty of starter materials. While wood and cobblestone are plentiful at any stage in the game, they still take time and effort to actually obtain. For players looking to have a comfortable and stylish home to settle into on the first night, look no further than this simple compact home.

This house is just tall enough to not bang your head on anything, and comfortable enough for a few players to spend the night together telling some Minecraft stories. It only takes a handful of wood and some starting cobblestone, so get punching!

Minecraft Easy House Starter

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