There is simply nothing more frustrating than having to deal with a 20-step process while setting up a multiplayer server, killing the mood of your entire friend group, as everyone involved slowly loses interest and moves onto an entirely different title. Gamers around the planet are all too familiar with this experience and fortunately after a decade of feedback and a family of gamers on the inside, Shockbyte has revolutionized this entire process with the easiest in-panel file manager in game server hosting EVER provided.

Minecraft Soulsand

Minecraft Servers - Old File Management

Requiring the use of an FTP Client such as FileZilla makes the process for newcomers to server hosting significantly longer and far more daunting. Generally we at Shockbyte have always highly recommend simply using our Config Manager to easily access the most important parts of your game servers without ever having to deal with their files directly, but sometimes players HAVE to get their hands dirty, and this has never been easy. Starting now, players who have to take this route can rely on Shockbyte's brand new File Management System.

Minecraft Server Hosting File Management FTP Client FileZilla

Minecraft Servers - New File Management

Say goodbye to the necessity of FileZilla and other file management programs, as the new Shockbyte control panel will allow game server hosts to fully manipulate any file of their choice entirely within the website seamlessly, just as though it were a file on their own PC. In addition to this, players will have easy access to drag and upload files, Zip folders, and a fully revamped visual appearance to the entire layout.  We at Shockbyte have dedicated ourselves to completely transforming the outdated approach to file management, introducing a new era without the need for external File management programs.

Game Server Hosting File Management

Game Server File Management - Biggest Headaches

For veteran gaming server hosts, turning to a paid game server host can already be a questionable choice after choosing self-hosting options for so long. "Why should I be paying for something I can do myself?" While the argument is absolutely fair on it's face, it's lacking a lot of context and doesn't consider the sheer magnitude of issues hosts run into when setting up game servers, especially those that can be more complicated than Minecraft. Shockbyte brings a revolutionary approach to multiplayer gaming completely removing the difficulty of port forwarding, game updates, file management, and so much more for hosts.

Struggles of Hosting your Own Minecraft Server

The Annoyances of FileZilla and Old File Access

Instead of requiring an entire another program such as FileZilla, server hosts will now be able to directly interact with their gaming server ALL within their control panel. No hidden requirements, no tutorials, nothing extra to download. Just as simple as moving over a mod onto your own Minecraft, you can slide files into and around within your own gaming server of the new Shockbyte control panel. Not only that but no more slow uploads such as the days of FileZilla you can hop right back into the action.

Valheim Multiplayer Server Multiplayer Gaming

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