If you're a longtime Minecraft fan and you enjoy playing Minecraft with either your friends, family, or online communities, there hasn't been a better time to get involved. Fandom is teaming up with Shockbyte to collectively reward three lucky Minecraft veterans with a whopping 6 MONTHS of free Minecraft server hosting, entirely on Shockbyte. No hidden costs, no upgrades needed, we'll be bringing you absolutely everything you'll need to enjoy Minecraft's 1.20.4 update with all your Fandom friends for months upon months to come.

Fandom has long since been once of the world's biggest community hubs, where players gather to create a centralized place of information for their favorite titles, forming friendships, events, and so much more. Here players can easily edit information about their favorite titles as it becomes available, and update old pages that lost relevance as players find the most optimized options within each game! Shockbyte is proud to support communities around a wide variety of titles, whether it be Minecraft, Rust, Ark, and 35+ more!

If you're interested in grabbing 6 months of free Minecraft server hosting, head over to the Shockbyte or Fandom social media today!

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Fandom Communities & Minecraft

For the longest time, if players are to search Google for a game then the word "wiki", Fandom will nearly always be the first result and to this day this still remains true for the "Minecraft Wiki". Players who seek out this Minecraft wiki, are able to meet friends, join the Discord with over 1500+ strong members, and contribute their valuable Minecraft insight toward the greatest knowledgebase of Minecraft tips to exist on the internet. Not only does Fandom serve to help current other Minecraft players, but there is thousands of incredible resources for new players looking to just try out the game as well.

In it's own unique section as well, is an entire column entitled "Servers and Development" highlighting just how massive Minecraft dedicated servers are to the community of players. Without Minecraft server hosting, multiplayer couldn't exist and the Fandom wiki has long since served as a pillar of resources for helping new server hosts perform free Minecraft server hosting, and search out valuable forms of paid hosting, or otherwise ways to play multiplayer.

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Minecraft Fandom & Shockbyte Knowledgebase

The Shockbyte Knowledge base has long assisted our valuable server hosts with many of the issues that may arise with server hosting across many titles but the Minecraft Fandom community has been on the same track for some time! There is a wide variety of cross-coverage on the Minecraft Fandom in terms of solving some of the biggest issues in Minecraft server hosting. Shockbyte's Knowledgebase covers a wide variety of technical questions for Minecraft server hosts whereas the Fandom wiki targets players who are looking for more command based solutions.

The Minecraft Wiki also does a great job at breaking down every type of Minecraft server regularly played online and which one that many players may enjoy. Whether the reader may enjoy playing Survival, Roleplay, Anarchy, or something entirely different, Fandom is a great resource for players who are looking for information about the game prior to being a part of the community. Shockbyte is eager to support new players and giving away long-term servers in collaboration with Fandom should hopefully give a perfect opportunity!

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What to do with 6 Months of Free Minecraft Server Hosting

Among all of Shockbyte's 35+ server hosting titles, Minecraft is one of the longest played games with players always coming back and back. Due to the game's wide variety of game modes, maps, mods, plugins, and infinite levels of customization, Minecraft has unlimited replayability. With all of Fandom's resources at a player's finger tips and many modded Minecraft communities also on the platform, players are able to find even further extensions of communities they'd love to participate in.

Shockbyte is beyond excited to be at the epicenter of that creativity, providing the in-game world for your imagination to run wild and for players to thrive; doing whatever it is they desire most. Did your friends want to try building something brand new this Minecraft playthrough together? Did your family want to try playing a hardcore run of Minecraft this time around? How about becoming a Minecraft content creator and using these 6 months to invite your growing community to play? The options are limitless! Don't miss your chance to win free Minecraft server hosting this January!

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